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    blast from the past

    Was remiss of me not to reply but hey life got in the way again, you know how it is..... Soooo i reactivated w1 Vic and yknow ive no idea what to do or where to go ... boy its quiet there... so maybe ill migrate or whatever, ill be around for a bit and scraping the rust off my Sabre, cleaning...
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    It`s this the END?

    So things never did get better then ? wassis new upgrade stuff and how the heck do you get enough earpes buntines to do it ? .... May I say after looking for an evening and reading the west has definitely run out of juice and seemed to around the time a lot of the olduns poking a quip in...
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    blast from the past

    Well well well, how goes it everyone ? Been a heck of a long time, a few years by now I guess. So just reactivated a world for the fun of it The Mercenary my town is long gone but still kicking as the original 1% dgorsk here one whoop ass dueler but you guys know who defined the 1% that was...
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    Duel Mot Split...

    Just one thing there is only so much missing 40 AP and 100 or so sp allows over others ... lottery guessing may mean infi might dodge all if hes lucky but vs those having cullens and having so much more points chances are he'll get hit a couple of times... enough to secure the duel. I had...
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    donkey & tequila?

    Its adds bonus to your dueling if your melee, especially in a pillow duel.
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    Duel Mot Split...

    A few things I now do differently to before but to be honest this is exactly as it was before the NPC was about. 1 I always now duel the first 2 with the lowest DL i can find, this is usually workers or some poor SOB 2 This is normally the same closest people to my town, poor them I dont have...
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    Scottish Independance

    It is indeed and you got it like all the good basics there, from us :D
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    Dueling, alliances obsolete?

    Its not a bug, its a really really stupid idea that you can be townless and do everything without being part of even a town now, probably kill the game and community but its not a bug
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    Scottish Independance

    They already drive on the correct side, all civilised countries do :P
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    Scottish Independance

    1 it is the Scottish who have the choice as its their future to be decided on not the rest of the UK ie england 2 Wales isnt Scotland either see above. Wales hasnt asked for independence and couldnt support herself if she wanted, not even close 3 Yes she is but also queen of the rest of...
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    Can We Do This?

    History has the answer, consider this for a moment. 100 years ago there was little more than the ford popular for travel and flight was barely started. There was little medicine no sharing of information and the industrial age had barely gotten into full swing. Every technology that...
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    Unfair duelling!!!

    Have to agree with this, they upped everything and left the sets alone.... ridiculous idea and bound to increase the problems and solve nothing .... mind you it does make the kits more sought after for anyone dueling in that range... or working or questing.... Fix half but not the rest is...
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    3rd Key

    Its easy now, very easy get the correct lp required do an hr or two job done. People are getting it in a few 15s trys now dosnt sound harder to me
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    R.I.P., Mobile Trader

    Its called progress, or lets reinvent the wheel and make it oval instead ..... :whistle:
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    The West World Records 6

    I find it.... shocking more than anything and the reason i posted it tbh, ahh the days of it taking almost a year to get there lol