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  1. Opening items

    It would be good if we could open multiple of the same items at one time. For example you have 100 bag with a common product instead of clicking open 100 times maybe you could shift click to open all at once? Vertitude
  2. Cant start independance day qust

    ok thank you Vertitude
  3. Cant start independance day qust

    thanks How do you know this? lol I have tried to goto ghost town but cant walk there has no quests are open Vertitude
  4. Cant start independance day qust

    Any reason why I cant start the questline on Colorado yet other worlds I can start ok? Thanks Vertitude
  5. Looking for a Town?

    InGame Name: Vertitude Character Level (XP/XP): 14 Current Residency: none Previous Residency: none Accumulated Contributions: none Cash/Bank Account: 2k+ Highest Attribute: strength 1st Highest Skill: stamina 2nd Highest Skill: hiding 3rd Highest Skill: leadership Intended Character...
  6. Tiger Town

    Bourbon City are Recruiting new members Please message Vertitude or Kahboose in game for invite Regards Vertitude
  7. Looking for Town

    HI I am pure builder lvl 89 looking to join town/alliance to help build forts Regards Vertitude
  8. Looking to join town

    HI I am pure builder lvl 89 looking to join town/alliance to help build forts
  9. Resolved Dodging pure spec

    is there a list of jobs for this spec anywhere? Thanks
  10. The Lions Den

    This town is free to anyone who pm's me in game first come first served town lvl is 47339 pts Vertitude
  11. 500 error

    Had these constant all day.
  12. Resolved Song book

    i am also lvl 58 pure builder and cant do Evangelizin. you cant get full pilgrim set to do Evangelizing as you need Evangelizing to get song book to complete set lol
  13. Resolved Song book

    Is it possible for pure builder to get the song book? or will i need to start putting all my points into appearance to allow Evangelizing? Thanks
  14. Pitiful- Worker Quest Line

    i am on this questline and cant beat the bounty hunter annoying has hell :(
  15. Ghost Town

    Ok Thanks