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    R.I.P. Off Topic

    I'd like to say it was fun but nobody would reply anyway. Death recorded on this 24th day of July, 2020.
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    Never had butter chicken before.

    Apparently I've never actually had butter chicken before. Oh I've been served meals with the label butter chicken before but they were flavourless garbage. They also had real chicken and real butter in it. I had a plant based butter chicken today that ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED any other butter...
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    17yo Florida Teen Dies From Covid-19? I think not.

    Some people are ready for this information. Some aren't. In some, the programming is just too deep. Some believe "My doctor tells me everything I need to know." I'll keep this short. First, read the story. MSN article What killed her was a lifetime of immune system attacks that weakened it to...
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    Contagious Virus

    Complaints are a normal thing. They should be expected. However complaining about something while offering no solution is absolutely, 100% useless.
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    What the Black Lives Matter movement means to me.

    BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A PROTEST MOVEMENT! Does it mean ONLY "black" lives matter? No, obviously not! If you went to a breast cancer fundraiser and everyone was wearing pink ribbons and clothing would you show up wearing all yellow saying "Yeah but Hepatitis C needs research and funding too!"? No...
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    Independence Day 2020 - Feedback

    Get Lucky Chest and Lucky Box out of the entire tombola. Totally useless. Replace with 40 bond letter or hell if there's a 20 or 10 bond letter, still more useful to all players level 1 through 150. Lucky Chest and Lucky Box had their time but that time was a decade ago. Complaints in beta about...
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    They all feel emotions.

    Baby deer rescue and release. Now i know a lot of people use that word a tad liberally but this was literally a rescue. It just goes to show us what a Kingdom without laws is like. In the wild, injury = sorry mate gotta leave you behind. This can also be a good language lesson. This is savage...
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    Sell prize weapon sets

    When the prize weapon sets from previous events reach 2 years old, they become auctionable. Sounds good to me.
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    CANADA is a corporation, not a country.

    i've had this bookmarked for years. i think most people are open to this now. Proof CANADA is a corporation Until you claim your identity from the govern mentals in a court of law, they own it. They own you and trade you on the open market for profit. Canada is a country, CANADA is a Crown...
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    Special types of songs for me.

    i'm a pretty musically driven guy but there are certain types of songs, as most of you would agree, that stand out to the individual. Here are a few types that are at the top of my list. The Change-Up is a song with an odd rest or an "off time" feeling section. Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger - two...
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    Covers that sound the same as originals

    There are many more surely but these are the ones on my list so far that i can think of: Rod Stewart - Handbags & Gladrags Stereophonics - Handbags & Gladrags Dobie Gray - Drift Away Uncle Kracker - Drift Away Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World Ninja Sex Party ft. TWRP -...
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    What's the big deal?

    Someone wrote a manual on how a human could reproduce with a dolphin. If you can think it, it's been done. :o
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    What's the big deal?

    So some Australian guy is getting the firing squad in Zhongguo? Well that's what happens when you try to smuggle 17 pounds of crystal meth out of a country that gives the death penalty for that. Duh. Now Australian Department of Foreign Affairs is up in arms over the whole thing. They were...
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    Trade labor points for labor points?

    Instead of bonds for the fourth tradesman option expert work instructions, which give labor points, we get a popcorn that gives labor points? Why is the fourth option not bonds like the other trades? Who was drunk when they thought "let's give them labor points as a trade in for labor points"...
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    Crazy New Competitions

    2019 Death Diving World Championship Final 2016 Skatercross FULL 2019 World Chase Tag 4 - Final - GNF vs United 2017 Psicobloc: Marseille final VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover: 2019 - 2020 VRC Game 2019 Red Bull Hardline Bernard Kerr Winning Run