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    Script TW-Calc

    Try uBlock instead of Adblock.
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    Script TW Collections

    You can install the fixed version of TW Collections over it.
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    Website - English support

    Google Chrome v80 blocks now Cookies, which haven't set the SameSite attribute. The other browsers will add this in the future, too. Currently you can bypass this: go to chrome://flags search for SameSite set SameSite by default cookies and Cookies without SameSite must be secure to Disabled...
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    Website - English support

    Is the system date/time on laptop correct? Did you try with another browser?
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    New can't open quests

    Open the quest book next to your profile picture. There you can see all your accepted quest.
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    Website - English support

    Site is back online.
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    Script TW-Calc
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    Website - English support

    Yes, Petee did the update yesterday.
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    Script TW-Calc

    I did push the update to the script yesterday. So it will be live in the next days.
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    Website - English support

    Yes, Petee has fixed the issue.
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    Website - English support

    Good idea @lebareslep If you have one of my scripts installed, this workaround will now be automatic inserted in the background over the update function of the scripts.
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    Website - English support

    Unfortunately not. Only if you would grey out all of them manually. Or you could deactivate all items and then show all non-set-items and activate them. I'll send @Petee an email, so he can add the new sets.
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    Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    Yes, the script got improvements for this matter. It‘s now the better choice again. Edit: New link for TW Best Friends would be here:
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    Just accept the quest and the exclamation mark will be gone ;)
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    Script Quest Blocker

    The last quest of Secrets of The West doesn‘t remove the 10th bday cake. It’s just a reference to the hernando quest. You can keep the cake. You could block quest 152, too. Quest 153 is needed for note 3 as well.