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  1. Up for hire! Bidding

    Bid for Sofaticia. 1.6m?
  2. Bidding question

    So, If he would've been watching it, i would be able to pull it?
  3. Bidding question

    I have Docs shoes up and it says its bid on/being watched by someone and it won't let me take it down. Is there some way I can tell if he's just watching it?
  4. lower the product drop range on TM

    Why should we be punished for our decision in the game? Have you ever bought a product off of the market for a decent price? You can thank that competitive price to the people that are pure traders, like me.
  5. Legendary French city awaits you :)

    Nice job advertising on a .net server. Go back to your own.
  6. Addah and Als worthless?

    I have an Addahs up for 100k bid 150 immediate and there are no buyers. Should I lower it to below 100k immediate sell price? I feel these things are worthless now.
  7. Positive LP for Treasure Hunt?

    I am trying to get the Treasure chest. Do I need positive LP to get it on treasure hunt?
  8. Dances with Wolves

    Hello! My name is Joe and my town, Dances with Wolves, is currently recruiting! This town currently sits on a beautiful lakefront complete with kegs of whiskey and dancing girls! Prime realist ate people!There are no limits! Come as you are! Send me a telegraph in game and I will gladly send you...
  9. Missing John Fitz.?

    Nor is Maya! For the art thief quest!
  10. Missing John Fitz.?

    I am trying to complete the treasure quest. And to get the 2 key I need to finish The raid quest. But, to start it. I need Johns quest on fridays. Any help?
  11. 3 key motivation

    Does low motivation decrease the chance to find the 3 key?
  12. Traveling Merchant Help.

    Hello, I re skilled to find my 3 key only to find myself in a panic. My max is 5300. Is that enough for a NON premium to find the 3 key
  13. Bonds for dueling.

    Proposal Alright admins, I realize there was a guy who already posted his idea but I have a few twists. First of all, I suggest 1-2 bonds per win and maybe some extra for a K.O? It will help the duelers afford to reset their stats if they really wanted to. As it is bonds are hard to come buy and...
  14. Resolved Customized tomahawk and pistol

    What is this thing about? I have it but I don`t know what its for
  15. Wyatt Earps Gun

    Its the last one I need for collectors and would anyone be nice enough to let me use theirs?