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  1. Update Feedbacks - 2.110 "Crafting quests The time requirement to finish the quest has been removed based on community feedback."
  2. Let me out !

    Save me from Dakota too :(
  3. Save us, Kuro.... "I have some news for you regarding further migration routes and world closures that will be happening early next year. While we open new worlds for our community, we do not want to forget about our older worlds especially...
  4. Issue with FF Reports/Ranks

    Some low level/low damage players hit you less than zero damage(yep for real.) Game doesnt count them as a dodge but script do. If you are behind an adventurer, you are taking "adventurer ghost" shots. Game counts them as taken hits even you dodge. Reported it to beta support 1,5 years ago but...
  5. Website - English support

    thanks for the solution, add pearly weapons to that list also..