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  1. Website - English support

    Why should TW-DB.Info keep it updated for free when they are offering a valuable service You should have contributed to it's upkeep so you only have yourselves to blame

    I posted it here Lulu, as net players that didn't have a Beta account, were having a real problem posting their comments in the Beta Forums I posted it here for their convenience I thought, but it failed miserably

    ATTENTION Community Manager, Please Remove This Thread, as if the Community cant be bothered to Vote, them I can't be bothered to waste my time here.

    please remove this thread
  5. Grievances From a Somewhat Premium Player

    It's the same problem with the STEEL LINED BOXES for a 150 Nugget spin or 9000 Pretzels Every one I have dropped have been filled with junk worth less that 10k It's a real Insult
  6. Please Remove Steel Lined Boxes from Events

    You can close this thread as I'm done here
  7. Please Remove Steel Lined Boxes from Events

    Ask support if I use Nuggets on this server for Events, before calling me a liar I know you have issues with me from here and in Alamogordo Now stop stalking and trolling me by trying to discredit my efforts to make things better for everyone It's a shame there isn't an Ignore button in the...
  8. Please Remove Steel Lined Boxes from Events

    You are entitled to your opinion, even if it is complete bullcrap :( I don't spend Nuggets on Events Find me one player that can generate 9000 Pretzels in a few hours (A few hours refers to about 6 hours) I work 24/7 to generate Pretzels and after raising 9000 Pretzels, I expect more than a...
  9. Please Remove Steel Lined Boxes from Events

    I am very angry right now, as I have dropped 3 Steel Lined Boxes with absolute junk in them worth less than 10k each The Event is supposed to be something exciting, so why must you dampen our enthusiasm with those Steel Lined Boxes FYI: they cost 150 Nuggets or 9000 Pretzels which represents 24...
  10. Unable to Login

    Every time I login I get this message again and again and I can't get past it
  11. Website - English support

    You will all be upset when the Market map stops working, like it has done in the Beta, due to some changes that Inno has made
  12. Unable to use 9000 Pretzels

    I attempted to use 9000 Pretzels and I was livid when it asked me to bribe but was unable to do so as I had forgotten that I had just activated Premium Automatoion and Premium Energy so I was refused the opportunity to bribe I was asked if I would like to purchase Nuggets and I clicked ok but...
  13. Hearts from Church Construction

    If this is the flippant kind of response I am going to get, I'll write to support and ask instead :(
  14. Hearts from Church Construction

    If you decide to do Church Construction you get no wages, no products, or no items In fact you have to pay for the privilege of building the Town Church Does it seem fair that you can get up to 450 Hearts for an hours work on every job on the map but you are lucky to get 300 Hearts for the same...
  15. New World Name Suggestions!

    I already chose that 5 pages back :) Maybe you would like to choose another name