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  1. Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

  2. Count to 00,000

  3. (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    No need to close worlds just optional migration could help.
  4. (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    Bring back the old thewest!!!
  5. Feedback Update to version 2.173

    Secret project is like Santa... exists if you believe
  6. Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    I would join but not have time irl! Hope next ss has similar rules
  7. Games Status

    Remove ideas and brainfarts category too they are more useless than the games. Ideas and feedback don't matter here and we waste time. Games are less waste
  8. Games Status

    Hahah those yes votes are 5 people with 3 accounts
  9. Proposed Community Rule on Abusive Digs

    Things needed to improve fort fights: 1) more players more towns more alliances (partially solved by multies) 2) more and better rewards and new buffs 3) less op sets less useless sets more set variety not just stronger sets 4) change battle formula and maybe add more skills to count for ffs...
  10. Increase the amount of Skill Points awarded per level

    Just make a server with classic west world settings and you solve the problem :lol:
  11. Feedback Independence's Founders day

    I'm professional "the west" gamer now:lol:
  12. Feedback Update 2.169

    Devs add regular updates once every two weeks. Nothing change most of the time because .net updates a week after beta So change usually will come after two weeks but that means net servers update to bad version from beta before change
  13. Best Ranged Set

    @WhyN0t so if opponent has more tactics does he get 100% bonus dodging or do i get an aim penalty? (And how much)
  14. Most Active World?

    Did vegas die already?
  15. New special settings world

    1) disable quests 2) disable character classes 3) disable nuggets 4) disable events and event items 5) disable "tutorial" 6) ? Thats all i think for now what do you think? To players: give more suggestions To devs: very easy to do