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  1. Easter Puzzle Game 1

    he would have to prepare 15 glasses with paper straws.
  2. Proposed Community Rule on Abusive Digs

    When it comes down to it, if multies are destroying the game so much and the dev's care about the game then they'd implement game rules that combat or prevent multies from being dug in the first place! But they haven't, so digging a multi is basically encouraged by the dev's. if they cared they...
  3. Proposed Community Rule on Abusive Digs

    but neither is the other way where we get slaughtered at every FF by the huge alliance who all seem to either have level 3 Cortina gear or Union gear, but because they're the vast majority they get to dictate how FF's now go? so basically nothing will change and this discussion is completely...
  4. Proposed Community Rule on Abusive Digs

    but this is a proper strategic play and maybe the only way that player/town/alliance could win a fort. the problem with stopping this is that you're then forcing players to play how the main alliances dictate, stopping freedom of play.
  5. Proposed Community Rule on Abusive Digs

    just make it so you cant dig within 3hrs of another dig.
  6. Website - English support

    yeah tw-calc can can tell you the best gear for horseback riding and you can use it for best best duelling and FFing gear if you pick the skills needed, but it wont tell you about regen, for that you can use tw essentials which will tell you the best gear for bonus stats only.
  7. Website - English support

    on your job window dont you have the work clothes button? if you do press that and it tells you the best gear to wear.
  8. Ode to Ares Venganza!

    just heard about his passing and its really saddened me :( i shared a town for years with him and GENERAL HAYES so i knew him quite well and knew he was terminally ill, but i'm still shocked by his passing. will definitely miss Ares (aka Sweaty guy) and hope he's somewhere fishing, grilling...
  9. World setup changes

    just make that you can only dig a fort once a day per town and per alliance, that will stop 1 player, 1 town and 1 alliance digging any multi.
  10. My contest entry - Game 2

    scarlet/seth henry/maya john/bella calvin/mrs anderson
  11. valentines game 1 entry

    dont think i did that right :D
  12. valentines game 1 entry