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    Not a bug A Holiday hot potato game

    It is indeed intended to be repeatable.
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    Coyote Desert of Capura bug ( error)

    Do you still have this without tw-db active? Besides that, could you contact support so we can see which active quests caused this issue?
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    Modified winchester isn't auctionable at half price.

    Thank you for your report, we'll look into both these items.
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    Holiday Sale - Feedback

    We'll pass it on as feedback for future announcements :)
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    Holiday Sale - Feedback

    The announcement was correct, UTC is 1 hour behind server time.
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    Friday Sale Feedback

    Beta sales always start earlier to make sure nothing goes wrong.
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    Feedback: New forum layout

    Good point, shouldn't be possible on beta either
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    Situation of the Game

    It is likely not worth the investment to advertise for the game.
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    Situation of the Game

    It's a chicken and egg problem, as I see it. What came first, the reduction of players or the reduction of development. I think it's the former, but some might see it as the latter. It's not that we don't want the game to have longevity, but that major active development is not in the cards for...
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    Situation of the Game

    The following is my personal view and not that of InnoGames. A bad company would. Diversifying profits is a great way to keep a company alive, putting all eggs in one basket is not. At some point, a game is just done. Not enough players to keep it alive and then it might be time to shut it...
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    Wrong image for mate tea

    We've passed it on to the developers :)
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    New Fort Battle Look

    Were you spectating that battle or participating?
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    Dueller class needs to nerfed.

    Sending a message to MTG won't change the way this game is developed, unfortunately.
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    New Last year's flowers reusable?

    Old flower pots are usable if you didn't use it last year. It'll only start counting down when you first use it.
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    Inno "rabbits" or "bots" in Events

    We respect the privacy of the players. Not everyone wants it to be known that they spend a lot of money to take the top spot.