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    Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2020 Feedback

    Ok, so I've tried requesting help in saloon chat (Arizona and Colorado) in the time I was available.. seems no one has time to get to the mine to be the anchor, or nobody noticed. So, I'll ask here if anyone availailable to be my anchor to get to the Old Mine? - Arizona (can duel players with...
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    Feedback Pumpkin Hunt 2021

    Thank you for making them pumpkins available. :) hope they're dropping not as little as during harvest time.
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    Advent Calendar 4. Game

    0:01:40 (1 minute and 40 seconds) 2cm x 10cm is basically 1/5 of 10cm x 10cm square sheet. since it takes 20 seconds to cut a strip, that means the elf gonna need 5 x 20 seconds = 100 seconds, convert it to clock = 0:01:40 Note = the answer is just based on statistic, i don't know if the elf...
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    Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    missed the 2nd day game :-D is there any archive for this? I want to re-read the "quiz" from day 1-25 (so far 3 games)
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    Advent Calendar 3. Game

    "This player" opened doors in Advent Calendar too early, and so got bounty on them along with [A Piece of Coal]
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    Advent Calendar 1. Game

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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

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    Feedback Western Friday Sale 2021

    Because as the name suggest: "In fact, most calls to firefighters are for medical emergencies, not fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Other types of emergency calls that firefighters respond to include disaster aid, search-and-rescue operations, and traffic accidents."...
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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

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    Ask CM about the game

    Yes, my bad. I didn't partake in last year's pumpkin hunt so I only imagined it being similar to the harvest clicky event where the drop rate is very tight to get the products for quest. And since the quest only last till 2nd december, only about 10 days to get them to drop (if it's from right...
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    Ask CM about the game

    I can only see them pumpkins for quest being available in UP shop this year, it's too late for 100 pumpkins bag or whatever hunt. Just want to collect those different pumpkin faces (cheerful, angry, or any other) of my own :-D
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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

    2 :-D
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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

    3 Are they also watching other threads?