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    Count to 00,000

    8012 booooo :/
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    Fort Battles International Championship Feedback

    This is for everyone that bragging about their timings I am an Indian and 4 more players from India are in EN team who is awake all night for fort battles ( we stay online because we like to help our team ) none asked / commanded to stay awake :hmf: I know other 4 players from this game only...
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    Character changes

    if soldiers tactics are nerfed for duelleing duelers critting rate in fort battles should be nerfed :/ edit: not sure what left in soldier class except that +10 health thing ( which is already a pain with ld builds after fort build updates ) /me still loves to be a pure HP soldier :/
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    The West World Records 6

    Komrad Kallahan Colorado Komrad Kallahan has hit you for 3322 damage. not sure if anyone got higher than that and don't know if this thread is being updated any sooner but like to post
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    International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: rohith4444 World: Colorado Level: 143 Class: Soldier Profession: Blacksmith Health Points: 6635 ( 20000 to 21000 ) after reskill Are you skilled for Fort Battles: no , will reskill when time comes Online/Offline: online Leader/Entrant: Entrant
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    International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    Hello all I have been slacking from a long time in The West , but checking forums here and then ;) is there still any entry spots available for this event ? :)
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    The West World Records 6

    Votcarul has hit you for 2928 damage. on rohith4444 in colorado :/ heard there is a 2968 hit by iron gaurd89 from colorado on someone i posted cos i didn't see any other high hits posted than that :)
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    Free codes - Get yours now!

    7d0c1a5e ty for wooden box
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    Easter Event

    looks like full hp build forters are not allowed to win a single duel without bribe or am i just unlucky for all my attempts ? :hmf: from dakota world i think i tried 5 times atleast all ended with bribe or i left cos of not enough eggs to bribe
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    The West World Records 6

    very nice Bob :| m jealous :P
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    The West World Records 6

    world 17 slept in one go
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    Speed World - Gold Rush - Discuss here

    i am not english guy so i don't understand few things like what u questioned or don't understand the meaning in what way u asking :P
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    Speed World - Gold Rush - Discuss here

    congratz to top 3 winners :)
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    Resolved Collector's cards

    i opened around 100 cakes to finish that achieve in 1 world few days back so sometimes it hard keep going there is no exact max cards open
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    New Premium UI

    check the link