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  1. Feedback Duel Event

    I know, but back in time where situations with abusive bans and disqualification, based on the fact that some players have a team and the team support their way.
  2. Feedback Duel Event

    What about team strategy and support? Didn't saw anything about that. As professions and money will count hard from the start, what's the policy about supporting other players?
  3. Feedback Update 2.166

    It's this a joke or what? What set bonus? ^_^ With 3 pieces you have 0.3 construction / stamina / horseback riding. Come on till now except the pants who have OP early xp% and work like a charm with Confederate set, then the 2 other pieces are totally crap and useless: 1. Chest for 1.5k...
  4. Advent Calendar 4. Game

    The wrapping paper square can be split in 5 strips, with 4 cuts. We know the fact that for an elf it takes 20 seconds to make a cut. To completely cut a square in strips, it takes 4 cuts * 20 seconds = 80 seconds. Correct answer: 80 seconds !
  5. Advent Calendar 3. Game

    The duel was possible because the player dueled had a bounty on him. The yearly Advent Calendar put bounties on the heads of townless players if they opened a Calendar door early.
  6. Advent Calendar 2. Game

    Saturnalia is the correct answer.
  7. Advent Calendar 1. Game

    The creature is called "Kallikantzaros".
  8. Feedback Western Friday Sale 2021

    Mr. @Syntex , why the hell we have to get all our info from Beta and here is no announcement. It is planned or not for tomorrow 09:00 the deploy of FIREFIGHTER? Start communicate with the freaking COMMUNITY, you suppose to be a "COMMUNITY MANAGER". Chop chop ! P.S. Last seen Yesterday at 6:52...
  9. Awesomia Battle (De Muertos)

    As Goober said, why some worlds are set only super late and some at decent hour? You have 4 timeslots, use them properly.
  10. Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    Ligma or go home !
  11. Update 2.157 Feedback

    Ambush quest The "Ambush" (ID: 3436) quest had a wrong requirement therefore it couldn't be finished. It's still not working, what's wrong with the update? ^_^ Any confirmation from staff that the mission really works and not some crappy hidden requirements again?