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    Advent Calendar 24. Game

    On Arizona, sent $1000 (+ $53 fee) to Dubjean with Merry Christmas! as my reason.
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    Advent Calendar 22. Game

    B2, B6, C5, D1, D6, E1, E4
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    Advent Calendar 15. Game

    1. Present 2. Chocolate 3. Christmas 4. Gingerbread 5. Snowman 6. Nutcracker 7. Mince pies 8. Fruit cake 9. Mistletoe 10. Cinnamon 11. Candles 12. Santa Claus 13. Sugarplum 14. Reindeer 15. Snow globe
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    Advent Calendar 13. Game

    Adeste Fideles is the Latin version (and personally, I think is the prettier version) and O Come All Ye Faithful is the English version. Also pretty. :)
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    Advent Calendar 8. Game

    The Rowan tree. It's a smaller tree, and sometimes only gets to the size of a shrub. The red berries are edible, but should be cooked to remove the toxicity that causes indigestion (or kidney problems) if eaten raw.
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    Advent Calendar 6. Game

    It originated in Finland, predates St. Nicolaus, and means Wild Goat Man.
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    Advent Calendar 5. Game

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    Advent Calendar 4. Game

    80 seconds. He only has to make four cuts.
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    Advent Calendar 3. Game

    A Bible duel.
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    Advent Calendar 2. Game

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    Advent Calendar 1. Game

    Kallikantzaros (A Goblin)
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    Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    Of course, LV didn't spring up overnight. I know it has history, though I did not know the history of the town's beginnings. :) And yes, I know there was gambling in the "Old West," too, along with access to other vices. :cool: I was only expressing my own opinion, be it dismayed and...
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    Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    Uh, just to be clear, in my post I never once bashed Inno. I did say what I thought of the name and why. I fully understand, as you said, that it was the players who chose the name. I blame them for this. Not Inno. And, if you play on Idaho, you would see on the world forum that I wondered if...
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    Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    Although we aren't always in character in game, somehow, Las Vegas manages to destroy my suspension of disbelief. It was not part of the Old West, and when you think of Las Vegas, you picture casinos, hotels, live shows, gambling, the Mafia, and lights in the town that never sleeps. You don't...
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    Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    My two suggestions are already up there. Lakota and Laramie. :) So I'll definitely vote for those.