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  1. International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    What package would suit an adventurer best? I am not familiar with a lot of the items and sets that have come out recently. Thank you for your help.
  2. Traveling fair
  3. An open letter regarding the Classic server

    So true Futu, it is not just feelings of nostalgia or an "old man's" refusal to accept change but a heartfealt cry for justice that I share. Give us back our game, the one we loved to play and enjoyed so much and find a different way to make that game profitable for you as game developers. I am...
  4. The West Classic - Coming Soon

    Brings back fond memories. Can't log in yet it seems.
  5. Cash Transfer: Discussion

    (Would 'official' loans be allowed under this feature? Say I post a loan agreement in my alliance/town forum then transfer the cash ( say 500K - 1000K) to the other player? ) Did not read the thread carefully enough, sorry.
  6. New Premium UI

    I understand the auto extend function and appreciate it, however if you choose the VIP bonus it not only auto extend that one but also the 5 premium services it represents. If you do not want to auto extend you have alot of clicking to do. It would be nice if the auto extend would only work for...
  7. Biggest pet peeves on The West?

    Getting an "OK" message when ever i do something. FOr example: I know I am using a buff and there is no way once used to undo it. So why the ok message. Very annoying.
  8. How do mechanics of Fortfighting actually work

    So will it help me to move sp into leadership? Reduce max health?
  9. How do mechanics of Fortfighting actually work

    Hello Zeta, Thank you for the explanation of how my skills in battle work. I am not sure i have understood it all (but I will re-read untill i do). Now I understand better why my extra HP has not been as effective as I thought it would, in general that is. If i understand your explanation...
  10. Resolved totem of the bear

    I suppose that is true in most cases but not in mine, thank you anyway for trying to lift my spirits :-)
  11. Resolved totem of the bear

    i am stupid, but you already knew that. sorry for abuse of your time
  12. Resolved totem of the bear

    i have a problem with all totems so it must be me but I have no idea what i do wrong. I have finished the previous quest, have accepted the quest in Waupee's villiage, I have all the products in my inventory but the totems do not drop. I must overlook some detail, your help will be appreciated.
  13. 2.04 is on Beta

    thank you :D Just so I understand correctly. Any open quest will be reset to the firts step of that quest. Not to the last step you finished?
  14. 2.04 is on Beta

    If you started "hope dies last" and you do not finish will the broken spade (and the piece of gold) be returned to your inventory?
  15. Resolved Contents of different boxes/chests in Up shop?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the contents of a steel lined box, a fancy chest and a unique chest? thanks.