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    Being pushed during fort battles.

    No teleporting heh heh
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    Is it just me?

    Like in past when everyone knew Attacks were gonna win? There hasn't been any Formula update though. Still cheesy Damage formula is in play.
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    Winter Event 2021 - Feedback

    Such competent company that makes great decisions because they can't handle multies
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    Update Feedback - 2.142

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    Real Recommended World!

    And I do not agree that "there are multies" is enough to convince to people to NOT join. Because multies are everywhere. That's said.. the better decision would be to NOT play the game at all, but yea.
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    we are coming...

    IFBC? Please.. if only I didn't know how the last one (and previous ones ) went.. Attackers won %95 of the time. %100 even, when both sides were "competent" enough..
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    Allow setting a time zone in settings.

    Sometimes somewhere in-between even :-D
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    Update Feedback - 2.141

    Ironically they delayed it :roll:
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    Update Feedback - 2.141

    Raider has seen much worse Or so they say.. Thought u were following Beta forum too though
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    Use the IFBC branch to test PvP balancing

    Well sadly there are too many issues that are related to each other. And they don't know what to do with the mess they created over the years. Anyhow.. Cortina isn't "OP" on its own. Only Towers + Distance make it seem like. But then Damages of Leadership spammers are too high. And I don't see...
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    Recommended World(s) ?

    So much for transparency. They just slap a "Average/Highly Populated" on Servers, which doesn't mean anything at all, then recommend the newest dead-end.. and that's it. Are you not entertained?!
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    we are coming...

    If.. is the key word.
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    Real Recommended World!

    Sadly you have many wrong points/lack of infos but it's taking too long to answer all that and it's pointless. So let's agree to disagree. Though, idk who even said this topic was for "newbies" and for newbies alone?! Like we really have any/many newbies, let alone visiting Forum.
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    we are coming...

    That sounds like Idaho all over again. Absolutely no one saw that coming! :roll:
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    "2021 Plans"

    Majority of them have, but remaining ones are still the majority of the current very small Player base. Now imagine them being the minority.. That will be fun(!) for big spenders :roll: