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    Western Post - Feedback

    the forum is on a plain pale background and simple to read it is NOT on a darker aged spotty antique paper image, and that makes it hard for ME to read. I haven't the time or inclination to struggle my way through the paper the way it is presented.
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    Western Post - Feedback

    please make the background plainer and/or lighter and the fonts bigger or bolder, so it is easier to read. I tried using zoom to make it as large as possible and it is still too hard to read.
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    Script TW-Calc

    the disabling adblock message is back for me, across both of my laptops. Ad block was disabled for this site quite a while ago. Now the only way I can access the site is to not have adblock installed at all [not an option]
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    Easter Showdown 2020 - Feedback

    It's probably a trick, because 'next year' like tomorrow, never actually comes. we are always in 'this year' no matter what year it is.
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    St. Patrick Community Event - Feedback

    but you won't get 'more' gold coins. you will have to repeat the work you already did before you get coins for that quest.
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    St. Patrick Community Event - Feedback

    the quests that dissapear after 24 hours come back another day [like next week] just like the regular daily repeatables. so you will still be able to get credit for them.
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    St. Patrick Community Event - Feedback

    to me, the unrealistic requirements of products and jobs/FF/duels that take more than 24 hours each day are starting to make those 15sec clicky events look really good. I might almost miss them if they didn't come around so often.
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    St. Patrick Community Event - Feedback

    Soooo, are these Awesomia battles gonna be over in under 15 min, so people that play multiple worlds can rush off to the next one?:mad:
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.119

    since I am not a dueler, I do not see the value of the new potion. It seems to me that the amount it lowers is small {at least at my level} and I believe it said that it could only be used once a week. SO unless the duelers that want to lower their levels significantly take a break in...
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    salt is found in icicles, or maybe sold on market by people with extra
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    Winter Event - Feedback

    um, so are all the quest bugs fixed yet or not? Beta is still broken although a few broken parts of the event have been fixed there.
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    New world - choose a name

    Same name different reason: name it Jerome, because it is well known as a Ghost town which is what adding another world will create
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.108

    no info about it on beta either, except someone posted a link to a forum thread in another language, if you can have a translator maybe it has what you need to know.
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    Civil War - Feedbacks

    Soooo, if not everyone will be able to get in, there should to be some compensation for those that sign up but don't get chosen. It isn't the players fault if inno stages an event that the servers can't handle. And to say first come, first in, isn't really fair when you have players from...
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.96

    Only 'MOST' of the bugs? what good is that? please fix them ALL.