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    New world - choose a name

    Same name different reason: name it Jerome, because it is well known as a Ghost town which is what adding another world will create
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.108

    no info about it on beta either, except someone posted a link to a forum thread in another language, if you can have a translator maybe it has what you need to know.
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    Civil War - Feedbacks

    Soooo, if not everyone will be able to get in, there should to be some compensation for those that sign up but don't get chosen. It isn't the players fault if inno stages an event that the servers can't handle. And to say first come, first in, isn't really fair when you have players from...
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.96

    Only 'MOST' of the bugs? what good is that? please fix them ALL.
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    New bug at the quest 'burning spirit of the past'

    since the problem was found and reported in Beta last week and the update to fix it there was finally released Monday, it would have been nice to incorporate the fix before going live in .net. And that includes the later bug in that same quest that included a requirement for items that don't...
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    DAY & NIGHT IN THE WEST!!! :-)

    NO NO NO, a hundred times NO to day and night modes. My RL time is 6 hours off the game time, so I miss anything that is supposed to happen between 0500 and 1400 game time. The only way around this is to set an alarm for the middle of my night, and ruin a chance for a restful nights sleep just...
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    The Mountain Farmer and the Shepherdess

    what time did you check for it? I'm pretty sure this quest step is only open between 0300 and 1130 game time
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    New World - Idaho

    I don't have time for another world and really don't have interest in starting over again. Only way I'd go there is if they close another world that I currently play and I have to migrate.
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    Soccer Event

    price for the blue cards in beta just jumped to 50 nuggets, they were too expensive at 10 nuggets for most of that they have in them. 50 nuggets is just stupid greedy.
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    Soccer Event

    I asked support about the blue cards for .en worlds a few days ago and was told: "The card will be added later, thanks for letting us know about it" no mention of when 'later' will be. :S
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    New secret of the west Turtle?

    its another late april fools joke, pretty sure when you do the next step it will be revealed as a joke
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    New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    It was complete and opened on Arizona Colorado and Dakota. The bonds were rewarded and and I got a spin before I went to bed. Now this morning [my time] it is reset, but no quests from the sheriff for completing or donating, So I guess it is up to each person whether to work/donate or just...
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    10’th year anniversary contest

    Oh look another late/lame April fools joke. Event announced to start on 30 April, and on 1 May announced its broken and isn't going to start just yet. Not a fan of clues in the chat, I have to be elsewhere in RL most of the day and do not have time to keep logging in to see if there is...
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    Game screen gone dark

    since it happened after the day change on the server, I figured its a lame April Fools joke. either that or someone thought that having the light reflect the server time was a clever idea. which it is not.
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    Where did the Easter event go?

    ummm, in the latest update link it says: Easter event Our annual Easter event starts soon. From March 27th until April 17th you will be able to duel and defeat our 4 bandits again, collect eggs and win brand new items. my calendar says today is the 27th, so that means it started as scheduled...