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  1. Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    The West - Player Checker Why dont i ever get and answer for this one. I have even wrote support about it and get no response. It says its legel on .de servers. Is it legel on .net servers also?
  2. Migration from old worlds.

    ty helen
  3. Migration from old worlds.

    Is there a confirmed close date set yet??
  4. Friends list

    I'm wondering if inno could make our friends list larger? With the recent influx of new migrating members, i find myself having to remove old time friends from other alliances just to add new townies. Could it be made to hold 200?
  5. Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    As of today 1/10/18 i had to disable TW Kick-o-Matic because i kept getting a streak of bad luck. Can this be fixed tom?
  6. Discussion Updated Script Catalog

  7. Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    hi, im wondering why i didnt get a reply here
  8. Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    are these scripts legal? The West - Player Checker and TW Big Inventory OK WHAT I REALLY WANNA ASK IS HAVE THESE 2 SCRIPTS BEEN LOOKED AT AND BEEN REJECTED?
  9. script for town shops

    thank you
  10. script for town shops

    is there a script for the town shops where for instance you can go to your tailor and buy 300 grey rags without clicking 300 times. Something like a little box where you can put the amount of items that you want to buy and just click once to get them all? thank you
  11. How to drop medal of freedom

    tell me please
  12. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    Could someone be kind enough to say when this will be over?
  13. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    dear goodness, this is soooo slowwww going
  14. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    yes me
  15. holiday set

    I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. I don't think it will be soon. If we are lucky, maybe next year