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  1. Rare items are not.

  2. Update Feedbacks - 2.107

    I can't see crafting cap being raised?
  3. Better Opening Time for Travelling Fair?

    I agree, I have so many products that I need to dump, and I always miss it because there are no announcements, and no specific starting time
  4. We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    I agree that migration could save many worlds and players
  5. Who won the Easter Event?

    I disagree, I won Houston with a streak around 480, and I spent less than 100 nuggets, by only doing the 1st duel and resetting the timer (which were misclicks when I was resetting the timer). I hear that some older worlds didn't even have streaks close to that. Which means that, if anyone was...
  6. Count to 10,000

  7. Damage & Class Balance (of FFs)

    Here's my idea, explained with detail. I believe that this solves some issues for more than a single class. Part-1: About FF Class Balance Regarding Duelers and Advents Right now, duelers deal 10% Max HP damage, and the chance of doing this is 10%/20% depending on their premium. Which means...
  8. Damage & Class Balance (of FFs)

    I'm not the most experienced leader around, but I've had my share of battles since I first started this game around 2010. I will break down my reply to parts, so that it properly addresses all of the required points. First of all, let's talk about the past, when worker did not have the class...
  9. Discussion Thread: International Gold Rush!

    My dear friend, I do not care about the points needed, I care about the difficulty.
  10. Discussion Thread: International Gold Rush!

    Thank you for the advice but I plan to build for town points, not for XP. Also, this link does not provide me a way to calculate the difficulty of a certain level.
  11. Discussion Thread: International Gold Rush!

    I don't see a way to calculate the church difficulty here.
  12. Discussion Thread: International Gold Rush!

    Are there any changes on churchbuilding or will it be the same there? Also, is there a way for me to calculate the difficulty of a church level? For example, how do I calculate the construction difficulty of church level 782?

    My semifinalist guesses are: Brazil, France, Croatia, England!