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    YouTube videos in description?

    Oh I see, soo my 1 HOUR OF RELAXING ON THE THROAT OF THE WORLD IN SKYRIM, SNOW AND BLIZZARD SOUNDS, wouldn't quite be possible to put in the desc.
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    YouTube videos in description?

    I saw I few years back users with links to various music tracks or their channels on their profile description on The-West ro and also net, I saw some today too. So nothing much changed over the years. But I wonder if this is actually ok. I now have a channel too where I live stream sometimes...
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    What are you listening to?

    The soundtrack of Diablo 3 slowed down and reverbed 200x times
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    How do the drops work?

    I always wondered how "Luck" works, I've seen some jobs that have 1300$ at luck, so that means that at that job an item in the 0-1300$ range can be dropped or an item close to 1300$? Thank you, and sorry if I am asking a stupid question.