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    Quest: Already completed

    @Big John1970 , I'm lvl 150 for over one year.
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    Quest: Already completed

    Type of Bug: Quest Description: When I try to accept quest it says that I already completed that quest. See print-screen:
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    Week 9 bidding is now open!

    noobmic; W11; Gustav Sickley; bid: $1,000,000
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    Can't buy item from Mobile Trader

    Until 2/3 days ago I bought a lot of items from trader, usually items lvl 120+ that cost at least 10k
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    Can't buy item from Mobile Trader

    This is really annoying, I get money from usable items ($1000/$5000) and when I try to buy I cannot ... if someone duels me what should I do? Please fix.
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    Can't buy item from Mobile Trader

    You cannot buy this item! In-game name: Noobmic Affected worlds: W11, I don't play on other worlds Browser: Google Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m on Windows 8.1 Type of Bug: Other, maybe Market Description: See print screen: When I try to buy Black...
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    Unfair duelling!!!

    Or you can leave town ... and you will not get dueled.
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    The West World Records 5

    Coming back a little here :) Most total items: 15809
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    Pictures of old avatars

    I still use initial avatar. Images are:
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    Cannot collect construction items

    For the Independency day event, I encounter a couple of issues. Using Chrome 27 on Windows 8 this happened one time in 2 days (6 & 7 July). Using Chrome 27 on OSX 10.7.5 tends to happen all the time. For example I had for the 3rd construction (150 nuggets 7:59:xx) spent pacific bound to move...
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    Is anyone still active here ?

    Last week I just migrated my account to W11. At least there I have more things to buy from market ... No town for me, so it doesn't really matter what world I am. The only think that I miss is rank 1 in Hall of fame :(
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    Cannot create products (by crafting)

    Yes, you are right, that's another work-around.
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    Cannot create products (by crafting)

    In-game name: Noobmic Affected worlds: W2 (.net) Browser: Google Chrome 19.0.1084.52 m Short description: As blacksmith I cannot create products Description: If I go to Character -> Blacksmith I don't see any product that I can create (if I check "Hide unavailable materials" all products are...
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    display error

    @abskay - there is a caching error ... if you clear your browser cache the problem should be solved.
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    [Bug] Cannot place bid

    On World 2 I have an issue, before the update I placed a bid for one item , value $9000, max value is $10000, and now I wanted to buy it with instant buy (paying $10000), but I don't have any button to place a bid ... Auction will end in 2 days. Image: Info: Game Version: v1.35...