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  1. Market

    hi, i need almost all low level field cook recipes, pm and offer
  2. Market Trading

    buying master saddler recipes: sew sleeping bag and construct a bridle
  3. Briscoe County Trading Thread

    need 50 resin , anyone willong to sell or craft igm plz
  4. Market Buying and Selling

    Need recipe: prepare mince ... igm plz
  5. Leave alone the Greenhorns

    I made this part through in less than 10 minutes... I newer began the quest "it smells like a treasure" ... after reading these notes i realized that the quest is perfect to do now, because in the beginning you do a lot of 15s jobs to get items to continue ... so in 10 minutes i had got 5...
  6. Golden and Silver jobs in w16 - for no-town adventurers

    I know they change , but is there any way/tool to find them quickly - not checking every job in all areas??? I was hoping that players would help each others to find them ....
  7. Golden and Silver jobs in w16 - for no-town adventurers

    Anyone found golden or silver jobs - let the other no-town adventurers know where they are :)