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    International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: mwfossils World: Arizona Level: 150 Class: Adventurer Profession: Blacksmith Health Points: 8000-9000 hp Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Yes Online/Offline: both Leader/Entrant: Entrant
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    Hidden mods/devs

    That, at least, is true. Asian circuit, where floral print shirts are encouraged. I'm surprised there are still whispers and conspiracy theories surrounding the support team.
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    cossack saddle blanket

    Found one.
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    cossack saddle blanket

    I have found one or two, but not for some time now.
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    Happy Birthday to us!

    Yeah. Happy Birthday .net.
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    Eight-hour hay supply

    The labor day set upgrade was done, too.
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    Open up new crafting profession after reaching 650 Crafting Points

    I would be glad of anything to follow 650. It's such a slog to get there that the current reward isn't close to being worth it.
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    Eight-hour hay supply

    In my opinion they are worth it. There aren't many product-slot items that are as useful as the tongs, and the apron/tong pairing is recommended over not just Gentleman's but full Allan's or soap set for many jobs. So it's a handy set. I had enough bonds in each of my worlds so I didn't have the...
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    Umm, Bye

    Goodbye and good luck, Hellstromm. I'd hope you'll check in from time to time.
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    Daily quests bug in 2.04

    Well if you can now complete them anywhere, it's not more complicated. You've traded travelling to complete for travelling to accept.
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    Haiku Debate #1 -- Space Exploration

    Where is the hurry? Let's save our money and wait. For them to find us.
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    Cannot Log Into World 12

    It should be now for everyone.
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    Cannot Log Into World 12

    .....and you should now be able to log back in.
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    Cant Log In. We down?

    .....and you should now be able to log back in.