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  1. Count to 00,000

    7548 It's been a while for me... :D
  2. Placate Shaman

    Sure we do. Like it or not I bet it will be on all worlds at some point. May as well get it over with now so we can have the things we do like. I want the Placate Shaman and the one hour jobs, so do many others. Of coarse it would be great if we could leave out the skill buying option, but they...
  3. Placate Shaman

    Well if we have to have it all or nothing then I guess I am ready for full premium in the older worlds my current costs are, attribute point: $ 1800, skill points: $ 670. I am so limited as to what I can do because of this high cost. I hate to say it, but bring on full premium folks, I'm ready...
  4. Priorities

    I would like to see important subjects like this added in as a pop up just like the SOTM was done today so everyone can see them right away. There are many who do not even come to the forums at all and even though it was added to the log in page it can easily be overlooked, but not the pop up.
  5. Resolved Daily activity bonus

    Players receive an experience bonus, depending on the level and on the experience earned on the previous day. This may help explain,
  6. Notification of Bounty Placed on Head.

    I like this idea for sure! Thumbs up! Would certainly be nice to know when a bounty is posted on you without having to search the sheriff everytime you log in.
  7. New push rules

    We all have our idea of what is fair and what is not fair I suppose Neo. For this reason alone the rule will remain I am sure. Simply put you see it as being an unfair advantage and I do not, some will see it the same way as I do and some will see it the same way that you do. Wish we could all...
  8. New push rules

    Yeah your right Victor, but it is only abuse because these types of rules exist in the first place. It is a game and sharing the wealth should not be an issue. It is what it is I suppose, but I would really like to to see this rule regarding the market gone. Not gonna happen, I know. I am...
  9. New push rules

    Again and this is the 2nd time I say this: I really do not see this as being a problem. In my opinion this is merely wealth redistribution. As an example: A fellow player needs some cash, I have the cash and I want to give it to him or her. They put an item up and I buy it, this would be me...
  10. New push rules

    Honestly, what is so wrong with doing that? I really do not see this as being a problem. In my opinion this is merely wealth redistribution. Below you can see this explained very well by Hellstromm in this thread, If we wanna be able to help a...
  11. Resolved Higher dueling levels vs. lower dueling levels?

    lol... Welcome to The West! This is a great argument for sure my friend and you are sure to find other threads that cover this topic I bet. There is nothing fair about it, your skill and your dueling at or near full motivation has allowed you to join the rank and file of others who may offer you...
  12. New push rules

    Well I have got to agree with this one. What is the point of having a market if we cannot arrange some sort of trade between others? This is one feature I was really looking forward to and now I am just somewhat disappointed. I really think this rule about arranged sales in the market should be...
  13. Market.. what am I selling?

    Yeah this is correct, I just double checked. I guess I was seeing it there after it was sold. Sorry folks, I was wrong. :)
  14. Market.. what am I selling?

    Click on Market, click on Sales Offers at top of screen and it will show you what you have up for sale. :)
  15. Petition Against New Dueling Method

    Can someone tell me how to duel please? I wanna try it out and see if I like it or not and then I will get back to you on this Petition. :unsure: