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  1. A World without 2.0

    So, has anyone thought up or talked about having a new single world without 2.0? Is this possible? Would players enjoy this? MM2099
  2. The (Old) West World Records

    Awesome! :) great job!
  3. The (Old) West World Records

    The max # of difficult recipes able to be made is 550 before the 600s start....could still be working on his 500 recipes...
  4. The (Old) West World Records

    I was just agreeing with you...but I want the last word on the subject!:P MM2099
  5. The (Old) West World Records

    This is correct, but more specifically the key 3 is like the recipes and I would suggest are considered product finds to a degree which technically are unlimited. MM2099
  6. The (Old) West World Records

    I do not think this is a bug? You found a fancy buckle belt at 2700 which is prob in your range. There has never been a true definition that key 3 was only found if you have 7500 luck + in the job because many with non premium have gotten the key before with low luck. The only thing we have...
  7. The (Old) West World Records

    :blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink: I humbly bow to your greatness in the realm of sleeping! :P I will retain my money records though :)! :no: MM2099
  8. The (Old) West World Records

    Green Recipes W13 - 310 Also I have Number of Recipes learned (which is pointless as of right now 22 is max...) - Prob delete that line :) Crafted critical 127 - Although I feel a more realistic record is % of luck of critical vs total green/grey crafted items :) just a though. MM2099
  9. The (Old) West World Records

    @rebow - that first SS also has most SLEPT in one GO - 25
  10. The (Old) West World Records

    Okay rebow it is so time for you to update haha :)! Amount deposited into the bank 23,087,594 Highest amount deposited into the bank 11,554,214 And slept in one go - 25 And Most Spent on one Market Item? Not sure if this is a record, I will let the MOB decide :).
  11. stolen / lost gold nuggets

    I would also suggest when you contact support, try to be less demanding and I have a feeling they will work with you if something is wrong on your part and not the game. I am sure the attitude you take in trying to resolve this issue may affect the outcome if for whatever reason the issue did...
  12. West 2.0 discussion

    I just saw an option for W16...although it leads now where :)
  13. The (Old) West World Records about them world records? MM2099 :cool:
  14. The (Old) West World Records

    As I depart shortly I figured I would add a few more records. MM2099
  15. New bond shop - what did you get in a box?

    Key 3 in steel?