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  1. Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

  2. My contest entry - Game 3

  3. My contest entry - Game 2

    Henry & Mrs. Anderson John & Bella Maya & Calvin Scarlett & Seth
  4. My contest entry - Game 1

  5. Unable to Login

    I even changed my login data but still no impact. Hey, mods, what the hell is going on? Are INNO game site hacked? Edit: Got in at last
  6. Proposal for builder

    Town Original Sin invites builder (may be on temporary basis) to work out 35K town's treasures for Church purposes. Welcome!
  7. Loan/Rent of items

    Thanks, question answered.
  8. Loan/Rent of items

    It's clear that only limited number of players possess rare items like high level named weapons, belts an pants. So if I pretend to get collector's set items - does the loaning or renting items (buying and selling them back) go under the "push" rule?
  9. Market Buying and Selling

    Still looking for lotus blossom... :tumble: Got it.
  10. Market Buying and Selling

    Looking for 15 cigarettes (from job Transfer horses). If you have special proposals PM me in-game. Edit: Thanks, got them.
  11. Briscoe County Trading Thread

    Not looking for Fancy jeans anymore. Item bought. Thanks for offer!
  12. Dueling

    Hey, Neo! Does your gentleman's approach apply to your townsmates also? Or to your overall spiritual leader Derek alias Mr. Arrogant? ;) If not - sorry, man... I suspect above mentioned cases are only reactions...
  13. Dueling

    No, Pro, just noobishness in dueling... :)
  14. Fort Battles

    Fort Redemption 40 fighters have attacked the Fort. 29 defenders defended. 22 attackers fell. 15 defenders fell. 11 turns. Flag fest? :)
  15. Fort Battles

    Unfortunately - not... :( But Tom's one mentioned above is good example! :)