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  1. Question regarding the +1 praying from Sleepyhead

    I guess in Achievement/stats you can check only praying counter after sleep. Haven't checked and do not care about this +1.
  2. BOYCOTT: Fort Fights

    ofc it is better gun. and so what? GG and GG set was presented with some stats, so many evaluated and decided to spend time/money to get GG. haha, take away some bonus from some class XXX as they are still better in something. It'll has same effect, only with difference, that GG owners are...
  3. BOYCOTT: Fort Fights

    People spent time/money to get GG. Just nerfing and giving nothing in return will not solve issue. I agree, GG sector damage bonus gives a lot to attackers. As solution could be: - remove sector bonus - give bigger personal bonus for forts from GG and GG set bonus
  4. Request to stop the spread of keys

    Yes kayak, it takes time to play game. I mean play for real. It's not like login once or twice per day, attend some FF. It worked before, and as you and many others say, fights were balanced and same time, it asked only little time from you. Sometimes just to move to fort and take point. Is it...
  5. Request to stop the spread of keys

    hmm, you say that we've too much GG. Then you say, that we've a lot more premium players. Then you say, that we've more pure fort fighters, what I can't agree with. Thought maybe something else. We can't take every single fort just by GG. But yes, we're taking forts. -- 2 lately what we...
  6. Request to stop the spread of keys

    Oh man, what else besides GG is stopping you to have good battles? :) I said before and still saying, that IHLAG have more pure fort fighters. Usually pure FF care less about other aspects of game, including the fact that is non premium, as before it wasn't needed, at least not so important to...
  7. doing all jobs (revised)

    I bet you don't want to spend your time calculating !!?
  8. BOYCOTT: Fort Fights

    ha, it still matters on tactic, movement, starting positions, etc. Just check battles, our attacks/defenses are way different from each other. Yes, we might have more GG, 23 vs 11 or so, but still. That difference should work better in attacks, as more people get bonus. But, we still have to...
  9. BOYCOTT: Fort Fights

    In W12 we had period for 2 or 3 months, when none of sides could win more than 1 fight a week. Almost all attacks were stopped by round 25, for big forts at round 30. Attackers had no chance. Boring, isn't it. Right now, it's possible, if you know how to use GG. In short both sides should work...
  10. doing all jobs (revised)

    Mickey's build had all jobs except 2. Missed casino and some else. Anyway, good luck finding all job build. Hmm, better if you can figure yourself. :p
  11. Request to stop the spread of keys

    Don't blame GG then, if IHLAG players have so big ego that can't work for alliance. What else to say, try harder. Amount of GG didn't popped in one night, it was during 1.5 months. Just looking on stats, both sides have almost same, number of players and mid level. It can't be that Alliance...
  12. Request to stop the spread of keys

    Sad to hear it. I mean sad that you're not looking how to balance sides. Just complaining. Yes, I agree about GG, it's powerfull and not so hard to get it. Ofc it requires patience and time, and real cash for shaman to finally get. Game is all about - Duels. You've to duel. :) Game also has...
  13. When lvl cap will increase?

    I'm not playing W1 and can't compare activity level on both worlds. As I said, activity matters and if player is active, he/she have pretty good chances to be in top.
  14. When lvl cap will increase?

    No doubt about overall. Just give her chance to brag. :)
  15. When lvl cap will increase?

    Point was that W1-10 still had 2h work