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  1. End game

    If I knew from the start that each world would only last open for 15 months and then I would lose everything that I have progressed "despite being able to get something for the next world", I would definitely not play, fortunately there are still active and eternal worlds with fort fights like...
  2. migration

    They should start 2 completely new worlds (without cities, or forts, founded or alliances), and force all the players from worlds ABCDEF to migrate to those 2 worlds and then eliminate ABCDEF, it is the best possible way of organization so that we do not Let's mix (still) with the GHIJK worlds...
  3. migration

    I propose a suggestion, or better 2 arizona, briscoe, dakota, el dorado > fairbanks or fairbanks, arizona, briscoe, dakota, el dorado > colorado #let me out of fairbanks #i want a world with fort fights
  4. upgrade achievement missed

    thank you very much, i think they were secret achievements
  5. upgrade achievement missed

    23 / 26 (88%) what achievemnt upgrade i missed?
  6. we are coming...

    Kansas already smells old and dead and there are still 2 months to go
  7. What are you listening to?

    also english version
  8. World closure

    3 months ago I join Dakota by mistake and I saw that there were less than 350 characters, there are probably only 200 daily assets (maybe less), my main world is fairbanks, but wait, you are telling me that a world that started after fairbanks (galveston) has already been "blocked" for new joins...
  9. We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    Are you saying that the Danish and Swedish servers will cease to exist altogether? I guess those players will all be directed to .net? I have always been in favor of eliminating the server barrier and putting everyone together on a global server (although there are still different worlds) but...
  10. travelling fair outdated

    is just that, actually we can find x2 or some cases x3 more products than 5 years ago, and the travelling fair It continues to order the same relative amount of products according to the active players in each world, but now as we can obtain products in larger quantities, fewer players can...
  11. What are you listening to?

    who dat B - JESSI
  12. we are coming...

    no, you are coming from the russian server because your worlds are already dying, if it is not even worth playing on your own servers anymore, you are correct to come to the .net for more activity, but you are doing it at Wrong world, if they want real competition and a real challenge, better...
  13. FF Attendance Improvement

    idk, but the chest from older events on the gift event give me 800k completly free lmao