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  1. Farewell Comrades!

    you are a great example of Community manager Da twista, always attentive with the players, I like your way of explaining the answers to the questions and doubts of the players, from the support team a hard work is done in order to improve the game, and have left your mark on the history of THE...
  2. Question Regarding Infraction System

    it's true, for a moment I forgot that I was on the .net server, the points I have given apply but for the server .es :) I know the answer, but I do not remember if that could be said (company policies), in case you could, that could be answered by a game operator and if you can not say, you'll...
  3. Question Regarding Infraction System

    hello, answering your question, maybe you refer to the severity levels that an infraction can have, this varies depending on the lack of rules that has been committed, it can be a slight insult, a stronger insult, or a direct insult to the moderation team, in this situation if I'm not wrong and...
  4. Game screen gone dark

    some jokes here down - someone forgot to pay the electricity bill? :D - I thought my laptop had been ruined, do not scare me like that! - I did not know it was the time of the planet (in which all turn off the light xD) - Now we do light-off to save energy? :D
  5. Problem getting into Fairbank

    your complaint is actually the migrations, say it in the corresponding post, nobody is going to force you to play new worlds, that's a autonomous decision
  6. Idea (Marriage)

    we will also have to create the new character class, "lawyer" because if you marry jointly and then divorce, you will have to fight for the property xD :D:D:D
  7. Friends list

    then I think that in order not to have to impact the modifications of the events, more than a list of friends, I think you ask for a list of contacts (like an agenda or a list of phone contacts), it would be a way to have friends aggregates and make it easier to whisper or write to them without...
  8. Adjusting Union Pacific Chest Prices

    absolutely agree, not being crazy would pay the amount of bonuses or nuggets that cost the chests, sets and some other things from the shop of the peaceful union, they are already very obsolete in terms of the use that can be given now, support a readjustment Of the prices For my part, my...
  9. Script TW-Calc

    I think that when they update the script, all the options are activated again, and they have to be manually deactivated again
  10. Friends list

    you have to consider that the number of friends has an impact on the events, the more friends you have active the more hearts, eggs, pretzels, rockets and flowers you will receive if the maximum number of friends is increased, the number of goal points for the events and the prices of the plays...
  11. International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    you're right, on many servers there were players who did not register for the pre-selection because of experiences from the first tournament and because they do not get along with many other players
  12. Black Friday 2017 (questions)

    the Black Friday 2017 discount! Does it apply to the purchase of nuggets? or only for the shop?
  13. International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    correction in a general table, the .net team finished in 8th place HU: 13 points = 1 first PL: 11 points = 2 place ES - CZ - DE: 9 points = 3 place (tied) RU: 8 points = 4 place BR - IT: 6 points = 5 place (tied) GR - FR: 5 points = 6 place (tied) SE+DK: 3 points = 7 place EN: 2 points = 8...
  14. Battle Icons

    you have to take into account some things 1.- that would take different visual programming, because for other servers, for the case of the "workers" in the .es server, it would be for example "T" of (tra-ba-ja-dor) 2.- Along with this, a discord of functional compatibility could be created...
  15. Character Class Column to Fort Battles Ranking Window

    I see that I am not the only one who wanted this, I proposed it months ago in the