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  1. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    Can someone explain one part of this to me: Town settings: Towns can be left: Inactive Trading: Enabled, between town and alliance members The "Towns can be left: Inactive"--does that mean they cannot be left once joined, or that they can, because the feature is inactive?
  2. Feedback Pumpkin Hunt 2021

    Well, maybe next time players are denied an event, you guys could at least put up the required items in the shop for us to purchase.
  3. Advent Calendar 7. Game

    This was a tough one, but I found the location on a normal map in order to answer this questions...there are several things missing. 1. The church is missing from this ghost town 2. There is no shadow on the little tiny sign post at the turn of the road 3. There is no job icon above the "job"...
  4. Advent Calendar 6. Game

    Nuuttipukki is a goat-like thing, also referred to as Krampus, which is the opposite of Santa Claus. It originated in Sweden and Finland and is part of Saint Knut's Day, which is celebrated on January 13th. Men would dress up like Nuuttipukki, with fur and horns and go to houses demanding food...
  5. Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    It was discussed somewhere that the reason you are selecting the first 5 correct answers is that you want the most active players to be rewarded...except, this game event wasn't published anywhere. There was no notice on any of the worlds saying that you're doing this game, like last year when...
  6. Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    Does it even matter if there is a deadline? It seems that only the first 5 correct answers matter and that's unfortunate. Because I'm in the US, no point in even participating.
  7. Advent Calendar 5. Game

    Her name is Gryla.
  8. Advent Calendar 4. Game

    It will take 80 seconds. Since the sheet is 10 cm wide and the cuts are each 2 cm, there will be a total of 5 strips, but only 4 cuts. 20 seconds per cut x 4 cuts = 80 seconds.
  9. Advent Calendar 3. Game

    The only way for this to have happened is if the player used the Advent Calendar too early, which causes the game to impose a bounty on the player
  10. Advent Calendar 2. Game

    Saturnalia...the ancient Roman Pagan festival.
  11. Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    I am glad for the bonds, but these hunts are more than just the cool stuff we get from the pumpkins or gifts or icicles or red/blue cards. They are about achievements, about being able to finish quests and about getting items that you can only get because of these the rotten eggs...
  12. Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    At this point, isn't the pumpkin hunt moot, since the gift hunt normally starts the middle of December? Is it going to be a trade off of "no gift hunt" because we "might" get the pumpkin hunt?
  13. Advent Calendar 1. Game

    Greek Goblins or Kallikantzaroi
  14. Feedback Western Friday Sale 2021

    With the delay in events and this sale, this is the first time I have ever thought that inno doesn't want my money. It's quite refreshing.
  15. Feedback Western Friday Sale 2021

    I thought firefighter was supposed to be available today, 27.11.2021, but it isn't? When will this be available?