Since 2009

World 9, Worker
Towns: Debopolis, Craggy Island SSF
Dueller, Diplomat and Fort Fighter once they were added, lead (and lost) one of the first battles ever

World 10, Worker
Town: Craggy Island MC
Dueller, Fort Fighter and Diplomat

World 11, Soldier
Town: Craggy Island
Dueller, Shot diplomats on sight

Beta, Soldier
Towns: The Abyss, Town - PL
Dueller (10k+ duels tested) (Abyss),
Fort Fighter in pro Polish town (TownPL)

Colorado, Adventurer
Towns: Nuns on the rum, WorldUsers, KMGA, Greener Pastures, Raiders Rest
Fort Fighter
WU-tang clan ain't nothin' to fort with

Idaho, Soldier
Town: Sultans of Salt
Salty Fort Fighter

And many more...