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    Specific job drops

    Tombola set items are not dropped by jobs. The only setitems you can gain from jobs are: - Dancer's set - Farmer's set(not mountainfarmer) - Gentleman's set - Indian set - Mexican set - Pilgrim's set - Pilgrim's dress et - Charlatan's set - Sleepyhead set But beware that some of those items...
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.107

    The new recipes will not be available in the mobile trader.
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    Town Profile

    If you go to town there is a small arrow next to the bank, if you click on it, it will open the townprofile for you if there is one. Forigve my primary drawning skills:
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.101

    Red soccer sale isnt for sale either. Beats me why...
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    Change resistance to damage percentage reduction

    I misread your idea it seems, a damage reduction based on ammount of resistance might work then. Removing the leadership bonus would still be an alternative. Someone with union would still hit for 800, not taken in resistance. Either way, i do think damage is too high at the moment, players...
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    Change resistance to damage percentage reduction

    This would be a bad idea in my opinion. Lets say you are a 15k hp adventurer and get 75% damage reduction. It would mean a hard hit of 1500 will be translated into 375. Crits of 3.600 will become hits of 900, a adventure with some lucky ghost would last over 10 rounds. With enough adventurers...
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    Count to 00,000

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    Day of dead stuff unavailable in Xmas bags?

    If hamburg would wanna maximise profit they would remove bags and the turkey quest al together and let people buy pricey chests. One cannot claim he waited for now to get the sets. I never heard someone at easter say to wait till xmas so he can get good items completed. Why would that be with...
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    Day of dead stuff unavailable in Xmas bags?

    The dotd items are not in the bags, nor are there dotd 2018 chests available on the beta where xmas event started. Think that may answer some questions :p
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    Day of dead stuff unavailable in Xmas bags?

    I doubt anyone can confirm or deny this untill the bags hit the beta servers.
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    Count to 00,000