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  1. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    Sounds like the kind of ideas I was thinking of. If this was being done then why did INNO give up on it? Make The West Great Again!
  2. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    We do not need to change the number of players allowed in a FF. We need more incentives for the players who are allowed to play to show up.
  3. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    Put a bank branch/Quartermaster-PayMaster Office in the forts so that cash can be deposited without having to go to a town first.
  4. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    One way to get more Fort Fight participation could be making the Daily Task for Adventure participation also include FF.
  5. Feedback thread about multi fort battles :-D

    Attendance would improve if there were fewer battles. Three or four a week with only one on a weekend would make for the best battles with a minimum of turnover due to the "Griefing" described above. Abusive conduct will kill the game and must be stopped. Ideally each battle will draw 60-80...
  6. My contest entry - Game 1

    Halloween, St Patricks, 4th of July
  7. Credit winning a FF

    Suggest crediting winning a Fort Fight as meeting one of the three required tasks for daily credit, equal to winning an Adventure. Either add another line for the fort fight, along with Quests, Player Duels, Bandit Duels, Crafting, Job time, and Winning Adventure or change the last line to...
  8. Banking from Forts and remote banking, also Sheriffs duels for hostile visitors.

    Suggest adding a "Quartermaster" to the Forts that would function as a branch of the home city or friendly bank for those entering a friendly fort. Deposits to be made at 1% or 2% more than at an Allied town, and with deposits at allied towns significantly cheaper than at hostile towns. Also...
  9. New world - choose a name

    Kiowa, an Indian tribe. Famous warriors of the Great Plains their wikipedia page is worth reading.