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    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    As usual Victor Kruger has some well thought out and innovative ideas - that work. And ruffles all kinds of feathers in the process but promotes activity and fun. All stuff that we can try from time to time to breathe life into the worlds. ;) I stuck an idea in the (Ideas and Brainfarts)...
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    FF Idea (radical) for INNO to consider,

    I passed this idea to 'The busy Sheriff' and he said INNO would never put the coding effort into consideration. He's probably right but... we have (or used to have) some fantastic coder dudes in our membership that might have ideas. My idea is a change in the most popular activity (and money...
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    Feedback Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2021

    Not this year for me. Just time consuming like a LOT of time. It is boring. The Old West flavor is indeed absent from this game.
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    Is it still there?

    Obsidian is indeed still there, with 4 members.
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    W1 Goes out in Style & Listing the top rankings for the final time

    Truly a memorable experience that will never be forgotten. Greeting Spanky and Reyne and others in Idaho, getting the towns up and running, meeting and making new friends, all helps to keep us busy and being together with those that came along helps so very much. Will always miss those...
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    World closure

    Syntex, this is soooo good to hear! I know of one W1 player that is talking via support ticket now about her inability to get her character outa World 1. and it is almost the witching hour. Nice to see the red CM title under your name too, whether its permanent or temporary.
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    Thank you sooooo much for posting this! I mentioned it elsewhere ( I can't keep track of topic spots) and now I see it. Mushy is just fine, has my vote. Wow what a wild ride we had in those hills and at the fishin' holes. :lovetw: of yesteryear.
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    W1 Goes out in Style & Listing the top rankings for the final time

    Oh Reyne I wish your 'sunset' post was here, like in the forum back on W1. Victor certainly sums it all up well. I remember being sooooooo afraid of Shadow City! Didn't even want to go near their county. Dueling ruled :D. It was like the Hollywood old west. I hope that we can...
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    World closure

    I don't want ANY more world closings!!!! It is totally wrecking the morale everywhere. No one knows when the axe will fall on their world/toon/home. Why bother to play at all. Time really does have recovery in it's basket. You can't just toss us around like ping pong balls and expect us...
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    World closure

    talk about a way to demoralize the playing of entire game - closing worlds is NOT the answer. It makes a person to not even want to show up in the worlds that seem to be in the closing queue. What is wrong with INNO anyway? They had a super winner with this game and then it seemed they just got...
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    World closure

    There are a few of us migrating to Idaho as it is one that is open for us. Soon my oldest character will be there :)
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    What would you like - a migrate poll

    I had hoped this would never happen! But it would be H, I or J for me as I have characters on the others.
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    Easter Event 2021 - Feedback

    I just learned of this part of Ringo quest and I am stopping any further pursuit. The whole adventure thing is so unpleasant due to the attitudes of the players that I have stopped even trying to do them.
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    Script TW-Calc

    I don't seem to be able to use this site anymore, :( It doesn't work right anymore. I've done the contact form but so far no reply.
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    Is anyone one ALIVE?

    Merry Christmas all ye rugged old timers :)