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    Easter Event 2021 - Feedback

    I just learned of this part of Ringo quest and I am stopping any further pursuit. The whole adventure thing is so unpleasant due to the attitudes of the players that I have stopped even trying to do them.
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    Script TW-Calc

    I don't seem to be able to use this site anymore, :( It doesn't work right anymore. I've done the contact form but so far no reply.
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    Is anyone one ALIVE?

    Merry Christmas all ye rugged old timers :)
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    The West Classic - Coming Soon

    Oh the yearning for the classic west. YES A gazillion counties, wild and crazy. Shops were important and built carefully with best building stats peeps etc. Town raids for pesky duelers :annoyed: FF were scary :boone: Just one world a classic - please.
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    Website - English support

    Add me to the list having the same issues :(
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    Visit Mexico in th e 1800’s

    I totally agree with you Poker Alice. I've been playing since the game was born :) and have 8 characters currently, none in the last 3 worlds, however. Each have different names and personalities. All in keeping with the US West in the late 1800's. I love it when other players are 'in...
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    New background moves on its own

    In-game name: Laural Affected worlds: (all (I think) Browser: Chrome Type of Bug: (other.) Description: For the past few days, My background screen will randomly begin to spin, sometimes vertically and sometimes horizontally. Also at times my map (upper right) randomly won't work right...
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    Website - English support

    Fantastic!!!!! Thanks guys!!! I installed Battle Stars and haw!
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    Website - English support

    I guess I'll just have to live without. :( I am not comfortable with changing the script, as the code confuses :P Maybe the server end will get updated at some point. I do admire you guys who can 'patch and work around' :)
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    Website - English support

    no answer to my email either drphil3
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    Tornado Alley is still open, and friendly to any who blow in

    As the title says, we are open and welcome new members as always. World 1 is soooo special to those of us who remember the absolutely wild addiction the classic game (in early days) was to us in 2008/9. World 1 should be open to those who want to migrate 'back' . :)
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    Adventures for the disenfranchised.

    When I have 'had' to adventure due to a quest etc. I have found it really fun only a couple of times. Those times directly coincided with having friendly helpful team mates and their willingness to guide me in my lack of adventure prowess. Having levels and/or a 'maneuver' feature would...
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    Count to 00,000

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    Farewell Comrades!

    Time marches on and with it comes change. It was a pleasure to have you as a townie in world 12. ;) (of course my name was different there) Hope to see ya on the trail. :)
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    Count to 00,000