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    Feedback Merging Danish (DK) market with International servers

    So.......If another server is migrating, why can we not have a migration across the world's of .net? Just asking.
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    Feedback Easter Event 2022

    What? Are you saying different servers have different rules? LOL. Gringos are tossed willy nilly in other places.
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    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    2 years? I am so glad we have this pseudo ruling up now.....right?
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    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    This is all well and good......but, still....a ruling on the occasional multi? Not needed. Almost sounds like someone needs a rule to justify their position.
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    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    So, are you actually soliciting feedback in advance of rolling out fully? Seems to me that you are rolling it out fully either way. At least that is what I am inferring by your statement. By all means, roll it out in the silly speed world's......those only last for a few weeks or something...
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    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    In that case, why the brouhaha over such a trivial matter? Multi battles are still, and have always been a valid tactic. Has this game become "woke" ? Are we gonna have safe spaces next? LOL, you just have to laugh at the silliness.
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    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    What world's really have this issue? The ones that I am in don't even have any fort battles, at least a multi would allow a few peeps to show up for the daily bond :)
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    Feedback Update to version 2.173

    I always appreciate uprading the skills of the store clothes, but I also wonder of the reason of not being able to upgrade them. I am sure there is some inno logic to that.....smfh.
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    Feedback Update to version 2.173

    Good lord, inno & company can not even release a bug free update....... Why would you ask for a premium sale? It would just be buggered like an alter boy during Easter.
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    Would you like to see Awesomia battle Join restrictions continue?

    I understand what you are trying to do, and I salute you for that. Until the fort formula gets revamped, I would not worry over keeping the balance in the one open fort in every world. As always, just my opinion. ymmv.
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    Games Status

    Just take nuggets for a migration....seems as though this game is based on it, may as well be honest about it. ;)
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    Feedback Update 2.172

    Adventure gear? Does anyone even deal with that dumpster fire enough to warrant gear?
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    Feedback Update 2.172

    Golf clap to the update....smfh.
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    Feedback Update 2.171

    Inno study's show that it is more profitable to open new world's and grab the nugget sales versus allowing migration to enable a few healthy worlds. A pity, but that is how it works. As always, ymmv.
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    Which World?

    If only one could actually migrate........right?