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  1. M... - Entries for the new world!

    Menominee Mojave Mustang Mexico Medicine Bow Mohawk Mesa Grande Minnesota
  2. Feedback Independence's Founders day

    Obviously I can't understand any of this stupid stuff from Inno because I live in what is called reality... does no one else at Inno, besides a few of you and you know who you are, understand reality? Here is a game, with people who enjoy it and continue to sludge through the really crappiest...
  3. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    Oh Aby how I miss our fun days! yes I do still play sometimes, hope to see you on the mill again one day my friend until then mooches smooches!
  4. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    Agree with all of these comments and I would like to add even though I'm not the greatest at FF why can't it be better balanced? Maybe NPC's added to make it so? It is a fort right where are the bullet sponges? It's rather disheartening to finally have a ff and it can't be filled no matter...
  5. Personal weapons damage has changed?

    I have no idea when the damage changed but today I when I clicked on dueling weapons I noticed my damage for both had changed from 100-110 down to 77-87 and I am lvl 102. Does anyone know when this changed and why? Thanks!