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  1. Character changes

    Solider class has been the best multi class for ages, now things are changing but would like to see Worker class improved as well.
  2. Dueling Range Ideas

    Sounds simple and could be the answer to zero motivation duelers, I would love to see a duel arena in the middle of the map where levels go out the window and people can duel who ever they like, would solve the age old question zero moti vs XP duelers no one can hide behind their level...
  3. Punishment system

    No one can report anyone without evidence. But if you have evidence of no evidence, please post that evidence here, I am sure it will be acted upon. :shootout:
  4. Get People back to Fort Fighting

    cannon is a great idea, instant kills just suck, cannons if they could be introduced should only do wall, tower and gate damage allowing a earlier rush, but first of all balance for defences vs attacks would have to be restored. As for cannons on the defense side could be used to block a...
  5. Adventures discussion and feedback

    No i wasn't berating players that didn't understand what to do, i did get a bit annoyed with a couple of players refusing to play as a team, its something that does wind me up, but ill work on that and keep it to myself. If any players are unsure how to play please contact us and ill run...
  6. Adventures discussion and feedback

    I can understand people upset about balance but nothing is balanced, real money being spent in games to get a edge you just have to deal with, its in most games these days, I dont have a special weapon and the team i have been on have won plenty of games without.
  7. Reintroduce County Chat

    Yep me too :-) i do miss the chats just after a good old fort battle :-P
  8. How many nuggets would you pay to complete a quest?

    my answer would have to be number 7 But if i had messed a quest up and it was important, and offered a chance to complete it i would say between 250-500 nuggets would be the max i would pay
  9. Duel Mot Split...

    The zero vs moti, right and wrong, who's best who's a bully, will carry on for ages, one interesting way to see whos who in the dueling world would be to create a dueling arena say in the middle of the map, where duel levels get replaced by new levels based on your actual level and be allowed to...
  10. Market

    looking for bass rifle :-)