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  1. Resolved Halloween quest again???

    But still... where the hell do you find this sketch? :)
  2. Game down?

    same issue here, world 12
  3. Missing Achievements

    Thanks for the info! And it is the right place, since a thread about this quest was closed by a mod who referenced to this one. However, since it wasn't a bug, but just my mistake..... :)
  4. Missing Achievements

    I'm stuck in The Travelling Circus. I have the Sheriff's Star and the small pony, completed 630->633, but when I walk to Ted The Sly, nothing happens. How can I fix this?
  5. 1.32

    and what is the new quest?
  6. Website – job and fort battle clothing calculator

    The script doesn't seem to work in Firefox 6 beta.
  7. How to visit a town

    It's probably the stupidest question, but I still haven't got a clue how you can visit your town... Searching the Help section didn't help...