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    Feedback Avatar part sale 2022

    Since a 'classic' avatar cannot wear 'new' avatar parts that are sold in the current sale, the 'classic' avatar should obviously be more expensive. That way it will stay relatively rare and the veterans (posted above) that show interest are willing to pay the price for nostalgia. May it at least...
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    Feedback Avatar part sale 2022

    It cannot get worse than the long nose Valentines Day glasses though. Some avatar parts overlap with beards but that is not the designers fault. The Valentines Day scarf with longest beard is an example. Scarf overlaps beard whilst it should be under it since it's a scarf on the neck. Edit...
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    Feedback Avatar part sale 2022

    What about 'classic' avatars? :-))
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    Feedback Update 2.176

    Add Howdah, Golden Tomahawk, Elephant Gun and Sniper Rifle to that please! :-D
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    Games Status

    I never knew counting was considered a game until today.
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    Feedback Easter Event 2022

    Next speed event I am sure there are more bots than there are actual players since every winner got away with it. Programming the most productive bot will be the true speed challenge.
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    Which World?

    If only
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    Which World?

    Mentioning Cooper makes Kansas look more attractive though
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    Proposed Community Rule on Abusive Digs

    I think using multies to farm products like Cooper does in Colorado is worse than starting multiple fort battles, however, both are allowed apparently. It is what it is.
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    Last 90 battles

    Do realise players have been given points in the past for digging a Fort Fight 1 and half hour after the previous FF. The situation described above is clearly worse. There's already a precedence that can be acted upon but the team itself clearly refuses to do so.
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    Save adventures

    I must have extreme luck then with all the bible duels I've recently received, sometimes close to 10 times a day. Most are intentionally lost by the 'opponent'. Back in the day it was an attraction and about skill. Today duels are anything but that unfortunately.
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    Save adventures

    While at it also remove duels please
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    Feedback Update 2.170

    It's near impossible to find an easy bypass to complete those achievements so I understand why you hate them. :-))
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    Feedback Winter Event 2022

    With a drop rate as low as this I won't attempt either. I like going for achievements but not at the cost of sanity. Why does the current event have a lower drop rate than previous events anyway?
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    Feedback Update 2.166

    I am sure you will find a way to push yourself to be the first to earn those achievements. :roll: