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  1. FF battles

    Also new alliance Black Ops is recruiting active players and towns, feel free to telegram any of us to join ;)
  2. FF battles

    Idaho Ffers, if you are active and online, join the fights ;)
  3. FF battles

    If there are players willing to form a new force and want to discuss further send me a telegram :)
  4. FO alliance Gone

    Was FO dominating?
  5. The West App Development

    Dear game developers, Since there a lot ideas about the game content, Is it possible to make an app version of this game for mobile phones, Apple/Android? Nowadays, more and more people basically have touch phone , iPhones, android smart phones. I have seen a lot succes in browser games...
  6. Come To Jauréz!

    I don't see you in Juarez Frontier
  7. Count to 00,000

    9947 You doing excellent job , sam
  8. Visit Mexico in th e 1800’s

    Let me be the good guy :p
  9. Count to 00,000

    9955 Most boring thing to do
  10. FF battles

    ehm, i am not forcing to move or go, Just say IF players feel not happy/ dont like to play in Idaho, they can just move on, but dont complain this world is crap, because there are still players active
  11. FF battles

    I love this debate and stories of this world. But decent battles can still carry on here, as long as everyone works together. Last fight was a decent one, close number and not one sided, BECAUSE all the ones who want FFing worked out together. So if players who just don't like playing in Idaho...
  12. FF team

    So far team is doing good, mainly finishing quests, sharing recipes and improve crafting. We are supporting weaker side of FF, based on the early battles
  13. Adventure changes

    Good idea
  14. FF battles

    Please keep the fights active FFers. It's be so quiet here lately. We don't expect to have 80vs80 but at least 40vs40 will be nice Many thanks