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  1. we are coming...

    there is no world with real competition and a real challenge , only the next IFBC will give you that
  2. Real Recommended World!

    amazing how people can judge fights without knowing there are multis XD I do not agree that these judgement are accurate enough to convince people to join Colorado
  3. we are coming...

    Lets go back to Juarez :D
  4. Real Recommended World!

    Have fun in Colorado and see you in Kansas XD
  5. Real Recommended World!

    It is true Deus, there are players with mental health issues, I hope innogames can sort this out to make the game more playable
  6. Real Recommended World!

    Yep you can come to Colorado and start from bottom, compete against 5-6 years old characters that are migrated from other worlds to here I would say if you spend a lot of cash you will get the same quality as those players ;)
  7. we are coming...

    Yep same things will happen in Kansas too :D What about Juarez?
  8. We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    Maybe Idaho and Houston can merge? Could be fun :p
  9. Spec Ops

  10. FF team

    It's now about experimenting and trying to achieve balancing FF... Apart from Luke who is not interested, any MW players available who are still interested?
  11. we are coming...

    that troll from beta is back :D
  12. Update Feedback - 2.137 & DoD2020

    Useful in new world , like Kansas lol
  13. we are coming...

    Same for Idaho, still 33vs33 going on sometimes :p
  14. Save us, Kuro....

    Open migration road
  15. World re-branding

    Open migration road for Idaho lol