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    Video Contest Q&A

    When is the deadline for the contest? Here it says October 20 and on FB it says Nov 3.
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    New world - choose a name

    Kinney -- after the outlaws that were part of the Kinney Gang from the New Mexico/Texas area.
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    Harvest Event - Feedback

    When with the items required for the Harvest Preparations quest be auctionable? It's ridiculous to have to wait a week, like on beta, for that and not be able to finish the quest.
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    Speed Server - Feedback

    For crafting, it would be great if it wasn't dependent upon the recipes you get, since one is impossible to drop unless you purchase chests, but rather on number of items crafted, diversity, and crafting points.
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    Crafting mini-event and new tradesman feedback

    After a little more than a week into this event, this is what I noticed on Juarez: There is a shortage of one type of cake, which is likely due to a shortage of that type of crafting profession, not just people who aren't participating. (Is there a good way to fix this for future crafting...
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    Crafting mini-event and new tradesman feedback

    This event is great. Thank you for making it easier for lower level players to get required materials. I think that crafting anything new is awesome, regardless of whether it's an event or not. I also would love to be able to get a recipe for the cake once the event is over (please). I hope...
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    St. Patrick Community Event - Feedback

    I also agree that the quests are too extensive for the rewards. (especially for new players who likely need the set more than advanced players). But I also really like this event. It has brought players out of their niche (FFing, dueling, adventures, etc.) and is causing them to participate in...