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    Looking for Members to Join "Alphas"

    If there's anyone on World Arizona that is looking for a town to join, contact Joe Ackert
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    Malachite revolver

    Still didn't get mine yet :D
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    Chef Weapon Set

    Yeah, those people with lvl 3 chef weapons really made adventures unbalanced, especially those who don't play honorably. They suck lol :D What inno should do is do a release of older CS items (like venomous snake + wright gear etc) for bonds. That way people might have a chance of when...
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    France, Belgium, Russia, uruguay
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    FO alliance Gone

    Now that FO alliance is gone (again), any good/active towns are more than welcome to join "The Alpha Pack" alliance!
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    Dang, to think if you guys still held those bitcoins (Not planning on reviving a dead chat), but it was cool that people were dabbing into it in 2013
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    Count to 10,000

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    Count to 10,000

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    Trading Post

    I know this forum is very active, so I'm looking to buy McCanles swords, send me a telegram in game.
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    Is anyone one ALIVE?

    I'm still alive
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    The Shadow City Recruitment

    For any njubs still in world 1, and would like to join the best dueling town ever, TSC is still open for good and active duelers. Send me a message
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    Original Sin looking for new people!!

    Anyone on world 1, Original Sin doesn't exist anymore
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    Original Sin looking for new people!!

    Still recruiting guys!!
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    squa suna Level 150 Duelling level 288 Strike: Right arm - 34 HP Strike: Left shoulder - 308 HP Strike: Right arm - 35 HP Strike: Right shoulder - 311 HP No hit No hit No hit No hit No hit No hit Strike: Right arm - 36 HP Strike: Right shoulder - 311 HP Strike: Right arm - 36 HP...
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    Total health points - 476 HP Total health points - 1255 HP joe ackert wins the duel, gains 1800 experience, 500 duel experience and gets $ 92. gtoadie loses 138 duel experience.