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    The Bible....

    Perhaps the most troubling argument I hear repeated by religious people. If you one day woke up and learned god didn't exist, is your plan to start raping and murdering people? Of course it isn't, and I'm not gonna join you in projecting what I think the other side believes in because it's...
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    Berry Pickers Anonymous

    Thank-you for the feedback. I had not considered that. You were never a berry picker. You didn't reserve your spot. Unfortunately we are full now so if you have not received an invite, you will not be invited.
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    The West goes Mexican

    Thanks Lulu, very cool!
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    Berry Pickers Anonymous

    I will be starting a town. Post here and you will receive an invited to the town. Do not accept and do not join. We must remain anonymous. The invite will come from another name as it would be foolish for me to use the same name in game on this server. When you receive the invite, you will...
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    New world - choose a name

    Jonestown to reflect how no sane person would join it and that it's <1000 initial population will quickly die off.
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    Script Fortbattle-Export

    Works fine for me on firefox
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    New Error Picking Up All from Market

    fixed now.
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    Why i don't vote.

    You seem to not understand how debt works. The national debt isn't owed to some magical entity with infinite money known as the world bank nor is it "owed to China" like many people seem to think. 73% of the national debt is held by domestic investors...
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    Incorrect drop values for silver/gold jobs

    I think this is the formula. Total Bonus = [Base * (1+LP Bonus) * (1+Class Bonus) * (1+Income Bonus) * (1+Gear Bonus)] + [ Base * (1+LP Bonus) * Enhanced Job Bonus] edit: are you sure you have same LP bonus for that casino example? Sounds like you might be quoting the drop chance in the job...
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    New Newyears event using 2x motivation

    This new years event says "+100% work motivation". It is unclear by the wording whether what I am describing below is a bug or intended. It appears that this means motivation is capped at 200% and each job is using 2x the motivation as normal (15s jobs use 2 motivation). This is still...
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    New Error Picking Up All from Market

    Sorry, yea thought it happened on Colo too. But confirmed just now Colo is working fine.
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    New Error Picking Up All from Market

    Broken with just a few items as well. Issue applies with scripts on and off.
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    New Error Picking Up All from Market

    Affected worlds: Idaho Browser: Chrome Type of Bug: Market Description: Pressing collect all at the bottom of the market window causes a turn back time error. Issue applies with and without scripts. pls new JIRA
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    Day of dead stuff unavailable in Xmas bags?

    Or from poor memory of a year ago, my bad. EDIT: Seems I am not alone in remembering this. Can't find any forum posts on it but there was some controversy here or on beta about them not being included. Or maybe this is all just me trying to influence the market to raise prices on gear I don't...
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    Day of dead stuff unavailable in Xmas bags?

    The dotd stuff isn't usually in the Xmas bags. You will be able to find last year's dotd items though.