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    Duel Level? Does this break the game?

    Dueling level or no duel level something stinks in the west when people are losing on purpose to lower their level AKA pushing. To be honest, it's freaking stupid, it's Over many years now we have all tried to think of a way to make this work, well losing 3k duels to lower my level is stupid...
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    Eliminate stance

    I have no issue with voting to remove stances.The dueling end of this game needs a bump or a kick it's time for some change.
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    Collect minimum bid before sale ends

    Sorry but I don't see the need for this really folks.
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    I lost 750K in three duels.. Fair?

    LMAO,Bank your cash dude.It's a rookie move to bid any market items with cash on hand.I learned a long time ago that it's smarter to always make bids from my bank account only.That's a major mental miscue and I'm in favor of support not giving your cash back and you can chalk that up to lesson...
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    Duel Mot Split...

    Gave up trying to keep my duel level @ 0.Vic your right on in what it takes to keep it there and I started out doing the same but couldn't keep up with it so now I'm just a XP dueler with a high duel level that get's spanked by duelers 25-50 levels higher.Not complaining about that really it...
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    Biggest pet peeves on The West?

    Lately the annoyances outweigh everything else it may be time for infiniti99 to take a vacation.A vacation usually helps with perspective which I guess I need after agreeing with so many of the issues listed it's a logical conclusion.Thank you for the therapy.
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    [B][I][COLOR="DarkRed"]I'm always available Creep No hit Strike: Right arm - 127 HP No hit No hit No hit No hit Strike: Right shoulder - 102 HP Strike: Left arm - 159 HP No hit No hit No hit Strike: Left arm - 149 HP No hit No hit No hit Strike: Left arm - 153 HP Total health points -...
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    Submitted Duel lvl cap

    Lack of targets has been my problem.It gets pretty boring and I'm sure the ones getting dueled 4-8 times a day because I'm bored aren't happy.So voting yes was a no brainer.
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    duel pay out

    Nice amount of cash there you may want to bank that up quickly a lesson that as of now still has no been learned on Eldorado.
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    Collect Market ITEMs automatically!

    Way to many changes when you don't need them,in this case why ruin a great realistic system.I currently buy a few items each week and when I go to the few towns it's no big deal to purchase some Rocket Turtle and Git R Done no muss no fuss each time.Maybe one day when I make enormous bulk...
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    Place a purchase bid in the market (requesting tender)

    I imagine this would double even triple my sales.Another no-brainer that probable won't happen.
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    Duel Mot Split...

    This changes things dramatically so far as dueling 0 motivation goes.Any time they make changes it takes time to work out the bugs so I'll see if I continue to dislike it or not.
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    Level 20 with 80 gear?

    Will not report but they know who they are.I've dueled and lost a few times to a few of these offenders.And now it's being addressed so don't get twisted.
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    Reverse the effect of duel motivation

    Was hoping for a fix soon.I really don't duel on Dakota anymore because I have the same 5-10 targets @ level 106.After I spend 100 nuggets or more chasing the few targets across the map most run and hide/sleep it's become a lack of dueling frustration.
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    Minor Idea: Eliminate the Hide Button

    Use it enough to say it comes in handy.So saying no on this.