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    Recommended Server

    Agreed, Arizona needs some player buff, plus its one of the best ff world, I don't see a reason not to support it.
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    International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name:ilianvs World:Arizona Level:141 Class:Soldier Profession:Blacksmith Health Points: Depends on set, between around 9000 and 13000, when i activate character bonus. Edit: Since there arent going to be any nuggets, and therefore no char bonus, its 7300-11300 Are you skilled for Fort...
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    Town Cannon

    Indeed futu, fort fights need some improvements.
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    Vote to kick (adventurers)

    No, you will still lose if you kick him, absolutely no point of doing it at all.
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    Yes, from me.
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    What am I?

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    What am I?

    When will this be over?
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    What am I?

    Please, post one more code. :P
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    Fort battle target

    Any chance of putting a survey? :rolleyes:
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    Fort battle target

    Can any mod put a survey so people can vote and then send the idea to the developers?
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    Fort battle target

    We all know the people who forget to set target in fort battles and usually die faster. The idea is simple, just let the Captains and Generals to see where is someones target. I think this way "the rankers" can be way more selective with their ranks. Visual aid: Edit: Please, let us vote. :)...
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    Christmas Banner Voting

    Voted for #8, for me most work is done there and looks pretty fancy.
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    Bond Conversion.

    I like the idea. "Yes" from me.
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    Count to 00,000

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    Are you searching for a new town?

    Then join UNSEEN HANDS. We are one of the best towns in Arizona, second place in "westforts", we have players that can always help you, no matter of which class you are, you are always welcome! Contact ilianvs, CowboyMadJ or any other hat. :cool: