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  1. Loteria de Muertos

    Reaching lvl 5 by some miracle and then getting Unique Precious Chest is worst. Happened today on Fairbank.
  2. trail of the spirits

    You are talking about a different quest?
  3. adventures keeps crashing

    Was this fixed? I'm still facing the issue. After I join the queue, select my powers, a new window pops up saying 'connecting to Server' and disappears in a second along with the adventure chat room.
  4. Christmas Gift

    Thanks Futu
  5. Christmas Gift

    Sorry for asking the stupid question --- But what gift are u guys talking about ?
  6. Duelling Formula Feedback Thread

    This change has screwed melee duelers big time. Ranged duelers were always superior in terms of damage inflicting and now they'll literally own melee duelers.
  7. Inventory Stacking and Sorting

    Great Idea. Implementing it will make life easier :-)