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  1. Ask CM about the game

    Haha well that is sweet ;-) But i will gladly do my best to answer - If anything i have always searched for answers about the games i played so i would love to give out the info i can :) So for you @Clever Hans and your questions. 1. At the moment i only know very little about game development...
  2. Caribbean Sale - feedback

    extra extra - read all about it - extra extra :-D The next Sale
  3. Caribbean Sale - Announcement

    Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls, This summer is extremely warm, so why don't you relax under a palm tree on the Caribbean coast, with a cocktail in your hand? ...and of course get dressed in our brand new Caribbean set - which is indispensable for the authentic Caribbean feeling! You don't have to...
  4. Union set sale

    Again i will gladly suggest this, but i can not promise anything :-)
  5. New Awesomia battles

    Well attendance, might also have dropped a little, since these past weeks have seen a lot of battles from me, and maybe people got tired of it. But from no on, at least without events, i will "only" be doing 1 each week, as voted on one of the polls. So maybe people might be more willing to...
  6. New Awesomia battles

    As always i will try to answer all question i have read. Now starting with Awesomia. That is a big fort, and i do not think i can change it in any way. But i will ask about this. Compared to numbers in the fights, they were raised, as the big fights where overfilled doing the events. But now...
  7. Union set sale

    You get a union set, and you get a union set - EVERY GETS A UUUNNNIIOOOOOONNNN WUHUUU Eh or not :-D Haaa got you going there for a second. Nah sorry, this is sadly in no way at all something i can control. Only the higher power Innogames, would be able to do that. And it does not sound like it...
  8. New Awesomia battles

    I can increase those as well or lower them, depending on what you all want. But at the moment only the big fort numbers have been changed.
  9. World closure

    Friday :-)
  10. World closure

    A little of topic from world 1 closure, but still, why are there so many who want to migrate out of Idaho ? If you all merge to other worlds, would it not just go on to those worlds? Or do you hope to merge to somewhere, where the "bad players" do not follow ?
  11. World closure

    No one and everyone is special :) I had not thought that this would make such big fuss. At the moment, my focus is on world 1 and getting those players migrated. There are still 142 players on the world, and they need to be out by Sunday. So a lot of actions needs to happen there still.
  12. World closure

    Yes please everybody be nice to each other, or i will close this topic.
  13. New Awesomia battles

    Yes they did. And i will now make one Awesomia battle each week. So attendance or not, get it going in the worlds, and lets wake people up :-P
  14. New Awesomia battles

    Well that is simply not my problem. You players asked for Fort battles, i have given them to you.
  15. World closure

    Hi all. As i said in the beginning of my time being Manager. I will have no favors or favorite person that i will treat special. When that it said, for an unlucky ****-up Colorado apparently is NOT a full premium world, as the only single world on this marked. that is why i thought i could...