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    An open letter regarding the Classic server

    Thank you Futu, for having the guts to speak these truths. Please consider his plea, Innogames. These past weeks were awesome, playing the game as it used to be, a game where you had to think. And plan. Not just pay for a tombolaset and be able to do everything right away. For the record: I...
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    Hearts from Church Construction

    If you build the church for 15 minutes you receive between 90-115 hearts each time, so that is a nice way to have both xp ánd your hearts/flowers/eggs. Might be a bug, but it is like that with every event for a long time.
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    Fort Battles International Championship Feedback

    Any news about which teams are going to the next round? It seems like .net and Poland have equal points in group A. Just curious...
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    International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    No head start. Sure! All is still fair. Right! Please, come on. I was (am) on the Dutch team, I also won't be playing any further, there are still a lot of players from our team trying to get on the server, our first FF is tomorrow.... And yes, also the nugget-advantage of .net (as mentioned...
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    A little more then a year ago I started playing here, soon a lot of other Dutchies followed. Dakota was really fun and alive, over 20k players. That was the main reason for all of us to start playing .net, because Dutch worlds were allready dying out then. The problem here (and on other servers...
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    fort compass

    Sure, that happens. (On Dutch worlds we use left/right instead of west/east, some people get confused, even generals). Everybody can have a temporally black-out or something, but very embarassing if you keep making that mistake over and over again. Practice, left/right or west/east is...