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  1. Increase Maximum Friends

    *BUMP!!!* Still an issue... Hint hint!!! :cooln: Edit: Adding to details: If Inno is concerned that removing the limit or increasing the limit may create an imbalance because older players would have a lot more friends than new players, they could limit the number of event currency allowed...
  2. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    I AGREE!!! It can't be that difficult to change the text a wee bit so we know which questline is which. We have so many timed quests to deal with that it causes a lot of confusion. There are also a lot of other things about these timed holiday quests that annoy everyone... Like needing to buy...
  3. Rare items are not.

    AYE!!! Those boxes never seem to have anything decent in them... It may also be time to look over what is in each box/chest. Who wants to buy a box for $5.8k or 175 Bonds/Nuggets only to get some crappy gear that you already have a dozen of? Make all of the chests have something worthwhile in...
  4. Script TW-Calc

    It has updated now. Thanks a lot, Tom! :)
  5. Script TW-Calc

    Just wondering when the new recipes will be added to the TW-Calc script. Under Settings: Replace native craft window in the menu by Westcalc craft window. In order to see the new recipes, that setting needs to be disabled... Or you will only see up to level 700. Until the script gets updated...
  6. Update Feedbacks - 2.102

    This game is getting more and more "Free to play, but PAY to win"... I've said this a few times, but it has gotten so much worse lately. I've tried getting some well known fort fighters to join battles... They were tanks... They refuse... REFUSE... To come to battles. Why should they? When...
  7. Increase Maximum Friends

    *BUMP!!!* Again... :P :D
  8. Website - English support

    Awesome! Thank you so much Petee! :) I completely agree... You and your team have done a LOT for the people in this game... You all made our game a lot easier thanks to all the great work you all have done. :) :D :cool:
  9. Increase Maximum Friends

    *BUMP!!!* Still an issue....... :confused: Hint hint!!! :rolleyes:
  10. Website - English support

    Good luck Petee!!! Do you need anything? If you have to order a new one.. Do you need some donations? Thanks for all you do. :)
  11. Chef Weapon Set

    The Chef set definitely should not have been upgradeable.. Period. Just the regular level set is over-powered. Add on extra levels and why bother even showing up to a battle anymore? We've seen people who used to be able to hold a tower for 10 rounds be obliterated in 3... maybe... sometimes...
  12. Farewell Comrades!

    *RUMGLOMPS!!!* :D Sad to see you step down from the CM position, but I'll be happy if you actually get to just play the game for a change. ;):)
  13. Farewell in the name of the Almighty Brown Tie

    Nooooooo.... Futu! :( I'm so sad to hear you're leaving us. You've always been a great source of information and entertainment. You will be missed! I hope you at least pop back to visit us once in a while. Take care and all the best to you. *SAD HUGS!* :(
  14. Migration from old worlds.

    I still have not seen any in-game announcement to let everyone know that the worlds would be closing... I've had to deal with a family death and funeral, otherwise I would have been announcing it in the Saloons whenever I could... But I haven't been able to be online as much lately. I'll...
  15. Friends list

    I've asked for the Friend Limit to be increased a few times... Inno doesn't seem to believe that anyone could have that many friends. :p I still have 25+ on my wait list in a few worlds and full on all but one... I think (not counting old worlds that are being closed). With people migrating...