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    we are coming...

    Just a matter of time before we will have to rename this forum thread to "we are going" :up:
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    Collector cards

    Following up on this, I think I have an answer - some collector cards indeed have a lower drop chance than others. I found that out when the new drop rate % were added to the item description: So, that explains why sometimes it takes 75+ of an item to get the collector card....while other...
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    we are coming...

    That is quite normal for a brand new world...Idaho and Juarez had around the same numbers at the start. What determines a world's success is it's longevity. This is how Juarez battles look like now - - effectively down to small fort numbers and Kansas will...
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    Update Feedback - 2.138

    In what way will the market auction (of the karate belt and dancer's shoes) be carried out? - will the items be put up at a random time for cost price, or kept for auction, where everyone can bid on the items for a day?
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    The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    This has been mentioned many times before, but the travelling fair gets completed in a ridiclous amount of time on active worlds. That was taken around a hour after the fair started. All the products have been maxed out. By far, I think one of the more helpful features of the fair is the bond...
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    we are coming...

    As others have rightfully pointed out, the main problem in most worlds is the politics. At this point, I've probably experienced in some form most of the worlds on .net and seen things pan out in them. Invariably, the main issue holding most worlds back is generally dysfunctional political...
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    The West Classic - Coming Soon

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    The West Classic - Coming Soon

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    New world - choose a name

    Kolkata Ei shohorer modhye achhe arekta kolkata (There's city within this city.). It's not in the American west, but nevertheless has a deep and rich history of literature, the arts and festivals.
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    Oktoberfest 2020 - Feedback

    My feeling is that the steel chest was added at a time when it still had some value, but over the years it's become virtually worthless. If the developers are unwilling to remove the chests from the reward pool, then at the least, update the chests. Something like swapping out the steel chest...
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    Increase Maximum Friends

    At present, this is the number of friend requests I've got - + probably 30 other players who I like, but can't add because I don't have room. Increasing the number of allowed friends to atleast 150 would be quite helpful to all concerned.
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    Update Feedback - 2.133

    Seems like they've fixed it now. So, event is likely to start pretty soon, probably on Thursday.
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    Western Post - Feedback

    @PrancingPurplePony We have changed the background for this month's issue to a lighter one. Please let us know your feedback on if it's easier to read now.
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    Western Post - Feedback

    Moving forward, we'll consider how to make the paper more presentable and comfortable for everyone to read. Our hope is that we will get a number of applications for graphic designers, who can help us further streamline the overall look of the paper.
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    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    Having given it some thought and seen many posts since the original post, I think this new way of organizing worlds might be the most optimal for the long term survival of the game. El Classico - A permanent classic server, either in V1.00 or at the version after FFs were added to the game, but...