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    Feedback Update 2.166

    Knowing how much trouble and effort people put into trying to get the collector cards from the travelling fair (some threads on NET and beta forums have dozens of posts of people making a big deal out of it even though there are much bigger issues to talk about), I'm pretty sure some would...
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    Mostly I believe all sorts of detailed and minute data describing every action carried out within a battle is within a FF report and it contains more data than simply the end statistics. This is how West Forts has worked for years. Someone figured out how to extract that data, and then put it...
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    1 to 10,000 in pics

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    Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    I think it's important for us to keep this in mind: All of us know very well the issues caused by the formula, sets and tower bonuses. I'm sure the game management is well aware of it as well. But, mostly the community team here can't make those necessary changes. So, it would be pointless to...
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    Advent Calendar 19. Game

    During the age of the first settlers, tallow candles were common and were generally crude and not pleasant. The colonists discovered that a better candle can be made from the local bayberries, but they took a lot of effort to produce. These Bayberry candles were a real treasure to the colonists...
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    Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

    The answer for what Tecumseh will have for dinner is The hottest chili in the west Thanks.
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    W1 Goes out in Style & Listing the top rankings for the final time

    I still remember the times before TW existed and most of us were playing tribalwars. World 1 opened up and there was quite a buzz on the tribalwars forums to join the new game and many players from across all worlds joined up. Unlike tribalwars. you couldn't be nobled out of the world - your...
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    Ask CM about the game

    You would have got much more respect from the community had you been honest rather than making that sham statement at damage control. These things don't do anything useful other than to reinforce the impression on how bad things are with the management. The sad fact is that there's a fixed...
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    World closure

    You guys are making mountains out of molehills. The long and short of it is no one cares other than all those people who still play on Idaho. So this debate should be confined to the Idaho internal forums/saloon chat, and especially not in a topic about World 1. @NovaStar I've read your world...
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    New Awesomia battles

    I think having weekly awesomia FFs is a good way to spur FF activity on a dead world, which can often go weeks without a single dig. Special rewards in battles, regardless of how well you did in the battle would pretty much encourage the casual playerbase to try their luck in FFs when they might...
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    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    @Hr.Nyborg With the upcoming closure of World 1, it does seem that Innogames is revisiting the issue of closure of dead worlds. This step was just one that was delayed by more than three years (it was slated to be closed along with W11 and 12 in 2018). A real concrete step now would be to do a...
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    we are coming...

    Just a matter of time before we will have to rename this forum thread to "we are going" :up:
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    Collector cards

    Following up on this, I think I have an answer - some collector cards indeed have a lower drop chance than others. I found that out when the new drop rate % were added to the item description: So, that explains why sometimes it takes 75+ of an item to get the collector card....while other...
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    we are coming...

    That is quite normal for a brand new world...Idaho and Juarez had around the same numbers at the start. What determines a world's success is it's longevity. This is how Juarez battles look like now - - effectively down to small fort numbers and Kansas will...
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    Update Feedback - 2.138

    In what way will the market auction (of the karate belt and dancer's shoes) be carried out? - will the items be put up at a random time for cost price, or kept for auction, where everyone can bid on the items for a day?